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Sunday, 29 March 2020


Devastated Earth - What To Do ?

                         There is no point in saying after seeing the death toll by the bite of the deadly virus (COVID-19) all over the world. The mind is just heavy. How helpless are people all over the world today? About 201 countries, including the United States, UK, Italy, Iran, Germany, Spain, China, India, and who not? Everyone is in danger nowadays. The number of deaths and the number of infected people if I say today never match with the very next morning's figure. Who knows where the end will stand? Who can be blamed for this condition of the entire human race? Thousands of people are dying every day maybe for some people's bad experiments, some people's negligence, some people's arrogance or maybe from some wrong decisions. The situation is so bad that for some countries all are out of control. Our situation in India will be worse if not controlled immediately. Because of people's density. About 445 people (per sq. km) compare to China (145), Italy (60), America (80) etc. Think how danger for India if spread it. Maybe no country can or will not give accurate figures. But according to mobile companies, their previous customer and running customer base will be much clearer. Much or less is known to everyone about the devastating earth today. So what is more about this? Let's find some survival supplies. Please don't think about it as laughter.
Subtle/Fine thinking
                      Lord Krishna is unique not only in this world but in the Universe. Whatsoever we called Him in just different names God, Khoda, or Bhagwan/Iswar. He belongs in everything in this Universe that is in animate or inanimate. Everything created from Him & at last will disappear again to Him (just transformation of souls). He himself as a thief, again He is a policeman, He is a patient, again He himself as a doctor, He is a misdemeanor and again He himself as a saint. He has been playing with himself ever since. Thakur Ramakrishna Paramhansadev said that the water of the river is different until in different containers, but if the containers are broken, the water is mixed in the river and then who can be distinguished? We are like that. As long as the soul is in this body, we are different. The day the soul will come out, will be mixed in that place from where it came. God has always shown the difference between good and evil through various scriptures. He has always commanded us to speak the truth, to walk in the right way. Otherwise, we have to suffer from our actions. 
                     Why I said the above, in fact, we almost forget the reality for illusion. Like the faces are not seen in the mirror with dust, the mind with dust (greed, arrogance, anger) cannot be understood the reality. Is human life was created in this world to destroy human beings, human civilization, and nature !! Surrounding today, the smell of war and ammo. The aggressive policy that the big countries of the world have taken today to establish themselves or to dominate the world will make our beautiful earth feel no longer beautiful and neither will we. This is probably the victory of the modern science of the present well-educated society. Because today we have all the various destructive weapons in our hands. And whoever has, the bigger he is. There is unrest all over the world - somewhere for oil, somewhere extremists, somewhere occupying the country, in trading somewhere and of course the political issue somewhere. 
                   Different nuclear weapons tests, deforestation, fire in the forest, factory emissions, unmanaged vehicle fumes, the way we are so cruel to nature - need to have a limit. See, in the days of lock-down, nature is laughing, O2 has risen in air, CO2, N, S gas has dropped & animals, birds have returned to their lives.

What To Do?
                       Now the question is we, the general people understand a lot, but what can we do? Take a subtle look, who invented this virus, who blamed for their negligence, again risking their lives to save the affected people, standing in the front row fighting - the doctors, nurses, medical boys,  who are they, and who are we? - the same person (soul), just in different containers.
                So today we need a lot of devotion and faith. Because nowadays we are really helpless even the doctors also (as they have no anti-dose in their hands). The trust that immune power can save us and this power One who can give is no one but God himself. You may accept or maybe not. 
                       After lock-down all around the world, what are we doing at home? After all the work of the day, let's call Him (God) out for some time and praise him. Whatever the way, whatever the language, chanting His name. Let the doctors-nurses do their job, we do our jobs. Pray for this world to be beautiful again. 

                                                                                      ------ At last - Stay Home Stay Safe.

Saturday, 21 March 2020


Yet Return of Hope and Humanity

                     Presently, the world is in a deep critical situation. Today, around 177 countries around the world are affected by Coronavirus. About 46,00,000 people have been infected, of which near about 3,48,500 have died already. COVID-19 originates, no matter whether from laboratory tests or spread from animals or by natural (time will be said), the entire human race is in danger today. Although tests are being conducted around the world with its Anti-dose discovery. Pray to God this fatal problem may be solved very soon.
Corona-Virus Like A Reset Button
                          In the famous Canal of Venice, the water has become shockingly clean, playing dolphins, because the 'Gondola' is almost never going on, and there are no tourists, who will wade waste into the water every day. The swans and the fishes are coming back. Came to hear, this scene is now seen all over Italy, & also even duck is seen in the fountains of Rome. Whether or not the pollution is reduced greatly & the sky is clear in China. In fact, people are sitting at home, not gazing outward, nature is leaving a little stare. It feels so oppressive to nature, no one does it except human beings. 
                    In this regard, the common people have not been understood even today. No matter what, most people do not care. For their own benefit & personal pleasure, people are polluting the environment. Deforestation continues, even using plastic today, leaving buses or trains for office, driving private cars to show their status, nothing less. 
                          But this time to save their lives (own-interest), people have covered their faces for sometimes. As a result, many more are living for it. Especially the innocent creatures who were somehow endangered. Humans may have faced a very bad financial crisis in the coming days, but instead, they will return to a cleaner environment - and yet its a hope.
                    On the other hand, the doctors, nurses today standing in the front row and caring for patients at the risk of their own lives, were also occasionally attacked by the relatives of the patients. They are also people, they have their families, and even some doctors have already died for COVID-19, but they never come-back from their duties and responsibilities. So before hitting them in the future, think if they don't work today, where we, the common people stand ?

                     All the bad ones have some good aspects. Even in the worst of times,  see the good aspects of Corona-affected human civilization. The lockdown has greatly reduced the level of environmental pollution, dolphins have been seen again over the sea in Mumbai (India), the migrated birds are coming back, the glaciers have less melted & people are now time spent for their own family.
                    Nuclear bombs, fighting raffle aircraft, various missiles are very straightforward easy to kill people, but the heroes of all countries today realize that the difficult task of saving those people's lives. All the year, provocative political leaders are self-quarantined, the real leaders & original heroes have led the people today. No one is talking about beating a doctor, wishing for a doctor's well-being. Women are much safer today, wasted money with two hands are happy to live today with minimal things. Death is cruel, there is nothing better than life. So today the world looks very strange.

Thursday, 12 March 2020


A way to get rid of Carbon-Dioxide

                    Earth's temperature is rising. In the meantime, there is a lot of practice around the world, with global warming. The rate at which it is growing may vary. But there is no doubt that warming is increasing. More responsible for the warming is CO2, in addition, excepts animals which are come out from various factories, thermal power plants, planes and ships & being emitted from the excess number of cars & trucks and mixed with air. Carbon-di-oxide (CO2) is being emitted from the forest-fire (Amazon's forest-fire, Australia's forest-fire etc) and is being added to the atmosphere. On the other hand, the forest area is gradually decreasing. The situation is such that all factories, even if we control cars & trucks, but warming still will continue. Only the tree itself will not be able to solve this problem. So the search for alternative routes is underway.
Klaus Lackner
                   We know that the tree takes CO2 from the air and produces food and oxygen for the animals. Following this, efforts are being made to create artificial trees. Some years ago, Klaus Lackner, a physicist and engineer in Colombia University's, Dept. of Lenfest Center For Sustainable Energy, created an artificial tree, whose leaves look like plastic, and the top of the leaf is covered with sodium carbonate mixing resins. When the leaf is dry, this sodium carbonate absorbs a lot of Co2 gas from the air and deposits it in the leaf as sodium-bi-carbonate. Then the leaf releases CO2 when the water vapor flows over the leaf or submerges it in water. Again once dry, the leaf can absorb CO2 in a fresh way. In a chemical way, the CO2 gas that is obtained from the leaves can be converted into methanol, fuel oil and gas, plastic, etc. 
                 According to Lackner, though sunlight is essential for real trees for photosynthesis, but for this artificial leaf sunlight is not essential. As a result, this artificial tree is active to take carbon-di-oxide at all times in day & night. He also demands that these artificial leaves can absorb CO2 thousand times more compare to the natural leaves and 10 crore such trees can absorb 1 ton of CO2 in a day. However, it has not yet been implemented in practical.
Emin Yu
                     A team of researchers led by Professor Emin Yu of the Engineering Department of the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology has created a new kind of artificial leaf. Though it is not an artificial leaf, it follows the photosynthesis of real trees. He demands where natural trees produce glucose and oxygen, their trees produce methanol and oxygen. Again in a chemical way, from this methanol, they can produce fuel gas like ethane, propane, butane, diesel, gasoline, and also plastic.  Since cuprous oxide is cheap, they use it as a chemical catalyst. 
                   Many such types of research are being conducted in many research centers around the world. How to make fuel-oil or fuel-gas from CO2 and reduce the amount of CO2 in the air, which will play a great role to solve global warming problems in coming days.

Friday, 6 March 2020


Husband-Wife Relationship

                      My marital life experience at the moment is 18 years. We were in a relationship for 10 years before we got married. I want to share with every one of some personal thoughts and experiences of togetherness attachment. Although everyone's life experiences are different from one another. But some common factors are present in every true relationship.
This is one relationship that needs both partners to work hard to make it solid and keep it going. But not every time we are clear how to improve the relationship between husband and wife. All discussion here should be based on true love partners only.
                  It is tempting or attractive to look at someone, even may temporarily. If you can't find a way to talk to the person, then that relationship doesn't last long. Physical attraction is transient. In order to get to know each other better and to live together in the future, the husband/wife should be comfortable with each other.
              To know each other and each other's family also. Marriage is a social institution where you are not only embracing your spouse but also your relationship with each other's family. It should not be the case that only women should see their mother-in-law, father-in-law, and relatives but the men also. For any suspicious person, both (Husband-wife) should be identified and clearly understand how to manage in the future.
                To connect with one another, to be honest, and open, to make compromises with one another, to rekindle the passion in your relationship, never tell lie, always try to understand one another's a necessity. Besides all these, there are also so many reasons and essentials, the description of which is not to be finished. But which is unavoidable, must be first understood & which is natural. I believe that if anyone can understand and accept from heart, life will be much happier.

Some Common Effects
                 Love-life is a bit like the word 'W'. Love starts from the peak, then slowly goes down & up-down a bit to perform duties, earnings, work pressure, responsibilities. Then the children are made to be human beings, and parents go on to establish them. Once all the duties & responsibilities are finished, love again reaches the top position for each other.
                    It is important to understand that women and men are different in nature. Where men's happiness is subjective and there women's happiness is sheltered. Again men always take decisions logically, where women make decisions emotionally in maximum time. This is just like a rail-track.
                  I don't want to raise much. In short, let me just say one thing, one partner to give little compliments for his/her lover; whose wrong anyhow, just say I am sorry for his/her partner, and I believe there is no alternative medicine than say I Love You.
                   Lockdown around the world today. Everyone is home detained. Several incidents are heard about the relationship. Some are good and some are bad. A number of divorce cases are being heard or reported throughout the world. It sounds a bit strange. Retiring from a busy career, some people have forgotten to make love. Although many people are very good with their family members even in these times of distress.

Thursday, 5 March 2020


Final Achievement Theory-Mahaprabhu & Ramananda

Met Ramananda in the shore of Godavari
                    Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Leela is deepest as compare to the sea. So it is not understandable to the common people. Even though Mahaprabhu taught human beings through his conduct as an ideal teacher, his teachings have become more straight forward in the medium of his inward councils. Shri Ramanand Ray (earlier Vishakha Sakhi, conversely Lalita) was the most intimate of all his followers. Through him, he has revealed the deepest theory of his teaching. The true nature of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has been revealed to everyone by the influence of His mercy. After taking up the asceticism, when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu traveled in South India, he met Sri Ramananda Ray on the banks of the river Godavari. 
                   With a heart full of joy, Mahaprabhu embraced Ramananda Ray (earlier Vishakha Sakhi, conversely Lalita). In the courts of love, the Lord and the servant fell unconscious. In both their bodies, thrill, tremor, tears, sweat, blush, fade, etc. the name "Krishna" started to be uttered in the mouth. Everyone in attendance wondered why this wonderful monk had thus become embroiled in love by embracing a prince, and why he had fallen in love with each other. On that day, they both no longer expressed the deep feelings of their hearts in front of the people present there.
                They met again that evening in the deserted shore of Godavari. As a teacher in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Shri Krishna taught Arjuna Vedic theology as a teacher. On the bank of Godavari, Srikrishna Himself as a form of Srikrishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu began to question to Ramananda. The Mahaprabhu ordered, "Ramananda composes the final achievement theory (Saddhya Sadhan Tatwa) of life and recites a verse from the scriptures."
Ray Ramananda Started -

1. “স্বধর্মাচরণে বিষ্ণুভক্তি হয়” (Swadharmacharane Vishnubhakti Hoy) - Means "Vishnu Bhakti (devote) create from self-righteousness," i.e., if one performs his social position's prescribed duties, he would awaken his original consciousness of Lord Vishnu. Mahaprabhu said, "This is external. You had better tell Me of some other." Ramananda then responded - 

2. “কৃষ্ণে কর্মার্পণ” সর্বসাধ্য সার (Krishne Karmarpan SarbaSadhya Sar) - Means "Whatever you do, what you eat, what you burn (Firework dedicated to God), what you give, and all that you give, give Me (Krishna). "The meaning of all happiness is to give Krishna the results of one's actions." This is outside as well, said Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. "Please go ahead and talk further on this matter." Then Ramananda told -

3. “স্বধর্ম ত্যাগই সাধ্যসার” (Swadharma Tyag Sadhya Sar) - Means if you abandon all religions and just follow Me (God), then I will free you from all sin. You don't mourn for anything. But again Mahaprabhu Said, "This is external, tell me furthermore." Ramananda told then - 

4. “জ্ঞানমিশ্রা ভক্তি–সাধ্যসার” (Gyan Mishra Bhakti Sadhya Sar) - Means when the soul is enlightened by the practice of knowledge in the form of Brahma (Universe), the human being is completely relieved of grief and desire, and then he is saved. But Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu could not accept this devotion by the knowledge as a final goal. He said, "Eh, it's also out side" - tell me more. Then Ray replied -
Ramananda & Mahaprabhu

5. “জ্ঞানশূন্য ভক্তি–সাধ্যসার” (Gyan Sunya Bhakti Sadhya Sar) - Means "Knowledgeless Devotion - final opportunity." The essence of perfection is pure devotional service without any touch of the speculative awareness or knowledge." For the first time, Chaitanyadeb said, "This is right - but not last goal, acknowledge me furthermore." Then Ramananda entered how to build up relations with God

6. "প্রেমভক্তি সর্ব-সাধ্যসার” (Prem Bhakti SarbaSadhya Sar) - Means "Ecstatic affection/love for Godhead's Supreme Personality is the root of all goodness."  Listening to the point of unconditional affection, Mahaprabhu said, "This is fine but if you know more, please know Me." Ray Ramananda responded then -

7. “দাস্য-প্রেম সর্ব-সাধ্যসার” (Dasya Prem Sarba Sadhya Sar) - Means "Slavery-love is the best achievement." Hearing this from Ramananda Ray, the Lord replied "This is fine & asked him once again to go one step further. In reply, Ramananda Ray said - 

8. “সখ্য-প্রেম–সর্ব-সাধ্যসার” (Sakhya Prem SarbaSadhya Sar) Means "Friendship-love with God is the highest goal." Now Lord told for the first time, "This statement is great, but please go even further." Ramananda Ray then started -

9. “বাৎসল্য-প্রেম–সর্ব-সাধ্যসার” (Batsalya Prem SarbaSadhya Sar) - Means "The highest perfection stage is loving service to the Lord in the parental relationship." Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu again uttered, "This is also great, but I want to know more." Lastly, Ray Ramananda said with tears - 

10. “কান্তভাব প্রেম-সর্বসাধ্য সার" (Kanta Prem SarbaSadhya Sar) - Means conjugal attachment with Lord is the extreme goal of devotional life. Though it is not possible for normal human beings (exceptional for Gopis and Srimati Radha Rani). In the form of Conjugal attachment with God, these four qualities [Santya (quiet loving), Dasya (Slavery), Sakkhya (Friendship), Batsalya (Parental)] of honey juice are highly sweetened by shrinkage.

             Now Mahaprabhu said, "This sweet juice of sweet love is the ultimate limit. But after that, if anything, please tell me - Ramananda". Ramananda Roy replied, "I did not know that there was anyone in this world who could ask if there was anything else after it. An understanding devotee can understand the perfect meaning of it. In fact, Lord Chaitanyadeb had taught us through Ray Ramananda how to slowly climb the stair by stair to the roof of God's love.

Saturday, 29 February 2020


Lawrence Gordon Tesler

                     Lawrence Gordon Tesler, an American computer scientist who worked in human-computer communication was born on April 24, 1945, and died on February 16, 2020, at the age of 74. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He worked in various establishments including XeroxPARC, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon. Once you think about how would our computer life be if there was an absence of  'copy-paste'?
                         Many of those who make life easier every day are not known to the public. The use of computers is vital to our lives, but how many people know Lawrence Gordon Tesler? After his death in the news, everyone in the news source said that he was the inventor of the commands of 'cut', 'copy', 'paste', 'find'  etc., used on the computer. Supernaturalism is often the cause of ignorance; for a generation that has seen the effortless and widespread use of computers, it is unbelievable for a person to have enormous hard work behind its many peaks. Tesler's discovery is important because it has made the lives of billions of computers or any digital device users worldwide. Many would say that labor is so diminished that modern people are becoming lazy. When editing a text in the first place on a computer, it would have to be separated and typed, now by pressing a few buttons on the keyboard, moving it from a specific vocabulary to the moment, or searching for a particular word from a large volume and changing it when needed. Tesler's contribution is to make it easier for the distressed.
             It's not just simplicity. Like all the important innovations, Tesler's work achievements have also grown, which is why he is memorable. The computer was once out of reach of most people. Tesla thinks this device is for every human to use. The shift from a large machine to a 'personal computer' is a turning point, making it 'user-friendly' or revolutionary. That revolution is Tesler's glory. He had made the computer public by eliminating the complexity of having to use one 'process' or 'mode' when writing to the computer before. In the interview, he said that he did not rely on the opinion of computer-experts in this work, he relied more on the opinion of ordinary computer users.

                         It was his main idea that how he would be happy to use his computer if he had any modifications. He also thought of 'cut' and 'paste' when he saw school-children, cutting pictures or text from other places, who were accustomed to pairing school scrapbooks. "Cut" copy "paste" is now a part of life for just computer or smartphone users, and more than anything Tesler has done, which we never thought possible. The fact that it is scientifically determined and established by the computer when it is connected to the mouse, without any difficulty, or the amount of pressure you need to press with a finger on the mouse, is scientifically determined and established. What is practiced by the great scientists of the great aspects of science, but the one who has embraced science, including every day, is also humble to us.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020


Relations : Spirituality | Miracles | Black Magic

Spirituality Means
                      Spirituality does not mean special practice. It is a way of life. When you get there, there's a lot to do. A shrub or small plant must first take care of much, then grow flowers, fruits, and shade. In the same way, if you specifically attend to your body, mind, emotions, energy, then something else will blossom in you - that is spirituality. As long as you have a discerning mind, it looks at everything in doubt.
                   Spirituality is an experience of feeling, which influences the conscious mind. There is a slight difference in the sense of spirituality depending on religion and philosophy. There are also many similarities. As I am not a part of my body or whole body myself. I don't even have this mind. So who am I? I am a soul, experienced in this worldly life through body and mind. This soul has a weight that is proven by research. Our soul is like a silent observer. The relation of the body with the soul, the relation of the feeling to the mind, is that spirituality is all that is taught. And whoever received this teaching is spiritual.
                  If you want to know the source or process of life, then do you believe that the nearest thing to your creation is your own body? The creator has captured himself in this body. Don't let it catch your eye. If you find the source of creation within yourself, that means you are spiritual.
Miracles Means
              A miracle is an occurrence not explainable by laws of nature or of science. A supernatural being (God or Goddess), a miracle worker, a sage or saint, or a religious leader may be attributed to such an event.
                    From the definition, it is clear that a miracle is not possible by any normal human being. There are so many planets are, how floating in space? the solar system is under the influence of some invisible force, who can describe properly about the space galaxy? The soul, we are alive as long as it is in the body, and dead if not. How is the river-water or seawater floating in space? These are the real miracles of supernatural powers.
Black Magic Means
                  Black magic or dark magic is a kind of practice that is done to harm others or to achieve one's own interests. It is the association of superhuman and evil forces. Black magic is usually done by superhuman powers. However, many say it uses ghosts, spirits or souls. That is, it can be said that with black magic, ghosts, souls can be used to work with them. Those who practice black magic are called black magicians.
Difference between Magic and Black Magic
                     First of all, both are used for commercial and self-interest purposes only. Magic is nothing but tricks. Sometimes use tricks of the hand, sometimes through the techniques of the work where shown (stage), and sometimes through hypnosis. The magicians admit that.
                    But in the black magic, there is a mixture of tricks (magic), pishogue, fire, wine, oil, vermilion, skull, bone of dead persons or animals and so many things. Sometimes they use chemicals (with the use of science) to show some tricks. Actually, they live to sell their word of mouth. In creepy places like cremation, it creates a somewhat scary environment. So that people are scared. These places are more crowded with fearful and superstitious people. At last, they sell the tree roots, amulets or mantras-water for money. Black magicians earned money in this way and normal magicians earned to perform on stage.
Actual relations of Spirituality, Miracles & Black Magic 
                      Simply according to me, there is no such internal relation between spirituality, miracles and black magic. But something which occasionally misleads our eyes.

  • First, Miracles - It is just an act of God, no human activities are involved in it. But one who spiritual himself (real spiritual masters, saints, sages) can realize or feel the miracle activities. Maybe God can miracles something through the real saints or spiritual Guru.
  • The saint who can only do black magic for much greed. Though It doesn't last long. Examples of this can be heard often, about how they got caught.
                      The main thing is our mind. The mind can move around the world sit at home. When he thinks everything is ok, he is healthy, and when thinks he is sick, he gets sick day after day. An immune power always works in our minds. Many patients get better after hearing the doctor's name. By entering the light of knowledge, superstition is removed. The city is more educated, so these black magic can be seen more in the little village. But there is one thing, the tree or roots of tree has its own character, it gives us benefits if it is attached to the body when it is handcuffed, the metal has its own activity, the body can be good if it is attached to the metal body of amulets, but magic or black magic has no contribution in it.