Mind Control - Horse without reins !

by - November 17, 2019


         The mind is one of the central concepts of philosophy. The mind generally means that there is a collective form of intellect and conscience that is expressed through thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, and imaginations. There are many theories about what the mind is and how it works. Thinking about these theories began mainly from the time of Plato, Aristotle, and other ancient Greek philosophers.
Brain Function
          The materialist philosophers think that nothing is different from the nature of the human mind. Rather, the mind is formed through the physiological functions originating from the human brain.
      The exact definition of the mind is not possible. But it can be said that the mind is something which is aware of one's own condition and actions. The hallmark of the mind is the consciousness from which the mind is separated from the gathering.
      The mind is a spiritual idea. People can only imagine that cannot be touched. When people want to understand someone, they are doing it in their mind. Humans have a number of biological needs. To meet these people go about different behaviors and behave differently. Biological needs include hunger, tremor, sleep, sex, and sedation. When these needs are met, people perform human and intellectual tasks. However, if biological needs are not met then people do not want to move forward to fulfill human needs. For example, where hunger and poverty are rampant, music practice, science practice etc. cannot continue properly.
Good Behaviour
      The trick to managing your mind is to exercise self-control over habits that you want to alter. There are a number of tricks you can employ to change your mind and eventually your behavior.
Avoid negative rumination
     We may find ourselves thinking about something negative, even when we really don't want to. There are a number of ways, which we can use to control our mind and stop ruminating.
      When you think about the bad scenario, and then think about whether you would be able to handle it; You 'll find that you can imagine yourself handling the situation and this can help reduce mind anxiety.
Fixed the time to think about anxiety 
      By setting a fixed time to think about our problem, we can use the rest time for our needs. This can help us stop thinking excessively about our problem. when we don't want to think negative, go for a walk. Getting out or listening to music we can get our mind off from worries. Always be optimistic about our abilities that we can do everything, however that work is hard.
Stop Over-Clarifying  
     Over clarifying means taking a single occurrence of a negative experience and projecting it onto other experiences or your predictions about how the future will be. 
Thought Trap
      This is a thought trap where we take personal responsibility for things that are out of your control. For example, if our son fell down a road we might say "It is my fault that he fells" when in reality the situation was completely out of our control.
Imagine/Plan for our life
      To form personal goals, it is important not to set the bar too high or else we will fail and this can kill our motivation.
   Instead, set some big goals, but break those larger distal goals into smaller, more achievable goals. In this way, we can see the tangible extent of progress as you work toward your more distant goals.
Smile, even if you don't feel like it
Smiley Face
Negative emotions can reduce self-control and make it more difficult for you to control your mind. Should reply of negative feelings is, simply, to smile. The facial feedback hypothesis suggests that smiling can actually cause you to feel happy.
Spend times or money on needed person
    Happiness and well-being are increased by spending on others Research shows that. Happiness and well-being can increase your self-image and reduce negative emotions that make self-control more difficult. Exactly how you spend your time or money on others is not that important. What matters of we and those we are helping find it valuable.
Reward our successful self-control efforts
    If you reach your mind successfully, bonus yourself so that you are more likely to continue to do so in the future. Be careful not to make the reward too big, or you may find yourself out of control and back to the square where you started.
Reduce Stress
Mind and body are deeply connected; the mind can stress the body, and physiological pressure can make the body feel stressed. As such, it is important to reduce pressure in order to conserve self-control energy. There are a number of ways to reduce stress-Of course, first of all, we can try meditation to calm the mind. Always consider relaxation techniques such as deep abdominal breathing, which includes breathing deeply and holding your breath for a few seconds, and then gradually breathing out for a few seconds (Pranayam). You may also try to focus your mind on a single soothing word (such as peace or quiet). Get some exercise that will help you breathe deeply and relax your tense muscles. Talk to friends and family, as social support can act as a buffer against stress.
       I read an article a few days ago, in a very pressing job and the timing factor has an impact on sex in Japan. To my surprise, we have something bigger than life! We probably should go to the crematorium or the gravesite occasionally. There are so many high profile personalities lying in silence today, while there was no time to talk, while they were alive. But the world is not going to stop. So you have to enjoy life, tension stress can never end our happiness.

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