War & Humanity

by - November 26, 2019

              Today, as a human being, pen down to write this topic, I feel bad about myself. Is human life was created in this world to destroy human beings, human civilization, and nature !! Surrounding today, the smell of war and ammo. The aggressive policy that the big countries of the world have taken today to establish themselves or to dominate the world will make our beautiful earth feel no longer beautiful and neither will we. This is probably the victory of the modern science of the present well-educated society. Because today we have all the various destructive weapons in our hands. And whoever has, the bigger he is. There is unrest all over the world - somewhere for oil, somewhere extremists, somewhere occupying the country and in trading somewhere and of course the political issue somewhere.
What is Humanity ?
Human Love Heart
            Humanity has a profound significance, yet humanity is a human religion or trait through which a person can become a complete human being. In a word, humanity is human love for humanity, affection is kindness. The issue of humanity and humanity depends on the thoughts and thoughts of human beings. It is directly related to belief or unbelief in the Creator.
              You must not lose faith in the human race. Humanity is a vast sea; if a few drops of the sea are tainted, the water will not become dirty. The world belongs to the human race, not to a monarch or a king or a prince or a religious leader. The purpose of human life is to serve and help someone else. 
             "Humans can only be said to have knowledge of humanity and humanity" .... but in the present situation, it is (humanity) in deep sleep.
The Situation of World now-
Collapse of USSR  
              After the overthrow of the centuries-old Romanov monarchy, Russia emerged as the newly formed Soviet Union from the civil war of 1921. The world's first Marxist-Communist state would become one of the biggest and most powerful nations in the world, occupying more than one-sixth of Earth's land surface, before its fall and ultimate dissolution in 1991. The United Socialist Soviet Republic or the Soviet Union consisted of 15 Soviet republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
                 In the 1960s and 1970s, the elite of the Communist Party rapidly accumulated wealth and power, while millions of ordinary Soviet people were starving to hunger. The Soviet Union's push to industrialize at no cost reduces frequent shortages of food and consumer goods. Soviet citizens often did not have access to basic needs, such as clothing and shoes. The disparity between the extreme wealth of the Politburo and the suffering of Soviet citizens created a rebellion amongst younger people who refused to accept the ideology of the Communist Party as their parents did. In the 1980s, the Soviet economy isolated from the rest of the world and helped drive oil prices to their lowest levels in decades. When the Soviet Union's oil and gas revenues dropped dramatically, the Soviet Union began to lose its grip on Eastern Europe.Yes, it is a political power and trading issue. There were also so many wars that happened from time to time between Russia-Japan, Japan-America, Germany-Poland (with France & US), Russia-Ukraine, India-Pakistan, India-China, etc.     
Nuclear War
       But nowadays it becomes the most devastating war if occurs between two countries or a World War. Today, some have 8000 nuclear bombs, some have 7000, and some have 500 or some with 200. Can imagine? Can we sleep peacefully? Besides this, there is a nuclear weapon test at a regular interval, who cares? Israel-Palestine, Syria-Turki, Iran - America, Iran - Arab, India - Pakistan (cause of extremists, Kashmir Issue), Pakistan-Afghanistan, America-North Korea, & cold war between Russia-US and China-America, etc all relations between these countries are at unrest and unstable whole the year. 

Syria Attack
        One side we are engaged in Universal Space Research Program and the other side we continuously created supersonic, hypersonic, nuclear missiles, Cruise missiles, Upgrade model of Fighter plane, Tanks, etc but can't understand for what reasons? What do they need for human survival? But how many people still die from starvation all over the world, how many people have no shelter till now. Let's not spend money for making weapons but for that starvation and no shelter people.
Effect of Nuclear War
              Nuclear weapons cause serious damage to the atmosphere and the environment on an incomparable scale to any other weapon. Analysis by the International Red Cross shows the effect of a ' small ' nuclear war involving 100 Hiroshima-sized bombs (i.e. less than half a hundred percent of the world's assets). The five million tonnes of soot produced by the ensuing fires will cause global temperatures to fall by an average of 1.3 degree Centigrade. The disrupted global climate will have a tremendous impact on food production. The Red Cross reports that a billion people around the world may face hunger as a result of nuclear war.
Nuclear Explosion Effect
               Even a limited nuclear war, as recent research has shown, could have catastrophic consequences for the ozone layer which protects all life on Earth from harmful UV-rays of the sun. When the ozone layer attenuates, more harmful UV-rays from the sun reach the earth, harming both human beings and vegetation. Increased UV radiation can cause skin cancer, eye problems, and other human health problems. It also impacts the marine environment, affecting fish, shellfish, amphibians and plankton.
        The temperatures near the site of the bomb blast during the Hiroshima explosion are reported to be 3,00,000 degrees Celsius (5,40,000 degrees Fahrenheit)-which is near about 300 times hotter than the temperature of the skin, so that people were almost instantly reduced to their most basic minerals.
      Long term effect - Radiation-induced cancers will affect many, often over twenty years later. Certain cancers such as thyroid cancer in children are especially associated with exposure to radiation.
Humanity in Social Life 
             Every human should have humanity. One man will survive another human being for ... good or bad, happiness or in sad to be a companion ... if only people themselves think of yourself as selfish. Why would he be a human then? Why would be the best creature of creation? Then people and there was no difference between the animals ...They became animals called humans ...
Humanity by Soldiers
          People can hope that in disaster, relief will come from human beings. For the fullness and satisfaction of human life, something needs to be done for the disadvantaged people. We all have the opportunity to devote ourselves to human service and to build ourselves as volunteers. We can stand beside people in danger. Teachers always say that people are for people. He also said that the greatest court in this world is the conscience of the people. There are some people in society who dream to work for the welfare of the people. Humanity for the sake of the human, for the sake of humanity, for the benefit of the helpless and disadvantaged and to inspire others. There is no way to deny their role. If you live for many years, it is not just a big man. If one extends a helping hand, one lives; A man dreams of living — it may be possible to find the essence of life.
UN Conference for Peace

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