Guru - Spiritual Preceptor

by - December 14, 2019

Sri Sri 108 Choto Krishna Das Babaji
অখন্ড মন্ডলা কারং ব্যাপ্তং যেন চরাচরম
তদপদং দর্শিতং যেন তস্মৈ শ্রী গুরুবে নমঃ 
অজ্ঞান তিমিরান্ধস্য জ্ঞানাঞ্জন শলাকয়া
চক্ষুরুন্মিলিত যেন তস্মৈ শ্রী গুরুবে নমঃ 
গুরু ব্রহ্মা গুরু বিষ্ণু গুরুদেব মহেশ্বর।
গুরু রেব পরং ব্রহ্ম তস্মৈ শ্রী গুরুবে নমঃ 
Sanskrit Word 'Guru' (Spiritual Master) Means 
        'Gu' means darkness, 'Ru' word means destructive. That is, by removing the darkness of the disciple's heart, show the light of spiritual wisdom, He is called 'Guru'. The real Guru has capable to destroy the ignorance and helps to take people outside the illusion. Just as we do not see faces in the dusty mirror, right that we cannot find or realize the Absolute Brahma (the unknowable) for our ignorance, the one who recognizes this path is called Guru (Spiritual Teacher).
Guru's Sublimity
        God himself descended upon the earth as a Guru to rescue the ignorant. Guru's advice is the direction of liberation, Spiritual master is equal to Almighty Krishna, Guru's Mantra is always a great value. If the Guru (spiritual preceptor) is dissatisfied, then God is also displeased. The condemnation of the Guru should never be heard. One should always get initiation from Swattik Vaishnab and an honest spiritual master.
Symptoms of Honest Gurus
       Seeing him immediately brings tears to eyes, a touch of his, is a heavenly feeling in the heart. An honest spiritual teacher implies that one who always walks in the right path, always speaks the truth, always worships the Lord, chants the Lord's name, reads, and praises to the Lord, will be willing to donate, guides the appropriate disciple in the same way, never makes more disciples, and above all, he never be behaves like a businessman or politician with any religion matters. He always cares about the good of the world.
Types of Gurus
      Though the original Gurus are parents and older brothers & our guardians, yet we all have to need other masters for our life. Such as - 
1. Educator (Education Master)
        If anyone does not have educational knowledge, he/she is called foolish or ignorant. The first character who gives, the world is called the education master. The teacher educated the students by giving them worldly knowledge (in school/college).
       Worldly education gives earthly respect, but spiritual education honors our devotion. He enlightens the self-consciousness of ignorance. We get a new life again by our honest spiritual preceptors, who gives us the glowing eyes. 
     Actually, who teaches us is called Guru. If we look a little better, we can see that gurus are spreading all over the world. The grasshoppers, the weeds even meadow grass, teach us tolerance, the tree, river teaches us to give up everything, even the dragon snakes (python) teach us to be slow (even in hunger), etc. If we do not do the right thing, the true & honest master is not found at all in our life.

On this day of Guru Purav/Purnima, I bow my Guru million-million times.

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