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Jai Sri Krishna .........

               Vrindavan is a city in Mathura district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. God Almighty Sri Krishna here reveals his lovely amusement childhood. The city is situated on the Agra-Delhi Road (2 No. National Highway), 11 km from the district of Mathura, the land of God Almighty. There are many temples of Radha and Krishna in the city of Vrindavan. It is a sacred shrine to the Vaishnava community of Hinduism. In Sanskrit, the word 'Vrindavan' comes from the words 'Vrinda' (Tulsi) and 'Ban' (forest). There are two numbers of Tulsi Ban still at 'Nidhuban' and 'Sebakunja'
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
       Vrindavan is an ancient city. This city is associated with Hindu history and is an important pilgrimage center of Hinduism. One of the oldest temples of this city is the Govindadev Temple. It was built in 1590. Vrindavan became a city in the early part of that century. People forgot before the 16th century about where Vrindavan was originally located. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu rediscovered this place. In 1515, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came to Vrindavan with the purpose of determining the places of Krishna's Ballyallila (activities of childhood). He is said to have traveled in various sacred forests, spiritually obsessed with affection. Hindus believe that through his divine spiritual power he discovered Vrindavan and all the places around him that Krishna believed to be his earliest. Mira Bai left the kingdom of Mebar and came to Vrindavan to make a pilgrimage. She spent the last fourteen years of her life in Vrindavan. The temple she was in is now known as 'Old Mirabai'.
Mira Bai
               In the last 250 years, most of the forests of Vrindavan have been affected by urbanization. The local kings started this urbanization. Later, the promoters and their companies continued the same work. Except for only a few places, the forests of the rest of the region are extinct, including native peacocks, cows, monkeys, and various birds. Only a few peacocks are seen in the city. However, monkeys and cows are seen everywhere in the city. 
             Vrindavan is a sacred shrine to the Vaishnava community of Hinduism. It is a center of worship of Krishna. Vrindavan, Govardhan, and Gokul are associated with Krishna's life. Devotees of Krishna come to the pilgrimage to this place every year and participate in various festivals. According to the Bhagavata mythology, Krishna was celebrated in the house of his foster parents Nanda and Yashoda in Gokul village, Gopi. According to the Puranas, Krishna did rasleela and other childhood activities in the forest of Vrindavan. He rode here with his elder-brother Balaram and other shepherd friends.

So many Temples are in Vrindaban
Madanmohan Temple  
Madamohan Temple
      Raja Kapoor Ram Das of Multan built the Madanmohan Temple near Kalyadamon Ghat. It is one of the ancient temples of Vrindavan. This temple is closely associated with the life of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. During the reign of Aurangzeb, the original Madangopal statue of this temple was shifted to Karauli in Rajasthan for security reasons. At present, an idol of the original statue is worshiped in this temple.
Mira Bai Temple  
           The Mira Bai Temple is located on the south side of the Shahji temple near Nidhivan. This temple is named of Mira Bai. Some biographies say that Mira bai's body at Dwarka dissolved with Krishna Vijaya at Dwarka in the year 1547. However, researchers do not acknowledge the historicity of this legend. However, it is true that Mira Bai lived with Krishna-worship, and the hymns he composed earned her the recognition of one of the greatest saints and poets of the Bhakti movement.
Banke Bihari Temple 
Prem Temple
            The Banke Bihari temple was built in 1862 after the discovery of the Banke Bihari monastery from Swami Haridas Nidhivan.
Prem Temple  
             The Prem temple is built on 54 acres of land on the outskirts of Vrindavan. It was founded by Kripalu Maharaj. The original temple was built on white stone and there are many statues of Krishna.
    Besides these, Radha Raman Temple, Shahji Temple, Radha Ballav Temple, Gobindadev Temple, Chintaharan Hanuman Temple, Radha Damodar Temple, Rangaji Temple, Chandradoy Temple and so on.
Chandradoy Temple
Place to Visit
            Located at a distance of 8 km from Barsana and 50 km from Mathura, Nandgaon is a quaint little town located on the base of Nandisvara Hill and which holds immense religious significance. The town is Hindu pilgrims as it is believed to be the foster parents of Gopal Krishna - Nandbaba and Yashoda Maiya. There is also a spacious temple situated atop the hill which is dedicated to Shri Nandji. Among the many other attractions located in town, the most popular ones include dedicated temples to Yashoda Nandan, Nritya Gopal, Nand Nandan, Udhav Kyaro & Gopinath, etc.
Govardhan Hill
Gobardhan Hill on his little finger
             Govardhan Hill or Giri Raj is situated at a distance of 23 km from Vrindavan. It has been stated in the Holy Bhagwat Gita that according to Lord Krishna, Govardhan Parvat is not different from Him. Therefore, all his worshipers worship the pure rocks of the hill just as they worship his idol. The hill is created of sandstone and stands 78 ft tall with a radius of 38 km. The hills including Mansi Ganga, Mukharvind & Daan Ghati are some interesting places to visit.

              History says that Lord Krishna lifted a finger to save his childhood during Govardhan Hill from his village of Mathura, fierce rains & thunderstorms. This hill is considered holy there and is visited by worshipers on Guru Purnima, walking by devotion in Govardhan Puja 23 km barefoot around the mountain. Lord Krishna saved his village told everyone to worship the hill which is why Govardhan Puja is a day after Diwali. It is a serene place, and definitely a must-visit.
Shyam Kund Radha Kund        
Radha Kund
                  It's a very quiet and peaceful place. Gaudiya Vaishnavas find it to be the holiest place in the region of Braja. There are two holy tanks right next to each other. Radha Kund and Syama Kund have been missing for years, and nobody knew exactly where they were housed. When Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came to Vrindavan in 1515, he rediscovered these two important Kunds. The story of Radha Kund is that a demon named Aristasur, in the body of a bull, was killed by Lord Krishna. The Gopis (cowherd girls) told Krishna that for killing a bull he had to purify himself by visiting every single holy place in the three worlds. Then Krishna told, "Why should I visit all these places, I'm just going to bring the water from all these places here and then bathe in them." Then Krishna hit his heel on the ground and all the waters of the holy places poured into Shyam Kund. The Gopis led by Radharani then dug another pond nearby with their bangles. Then a member of all the sacred places said to Radharani, "Our lives would be good if we could reach your pond." The holy waters of Shyam Kund then flowed into Radha Kund with the permission of Radha. So the Radha Kund is the holy waters of every sacred place.
Mysterious Nidhivan
                   Nidhivan is the area of Sri Krishna, Vrindavan is a mysterious place. If devotees and locals are to be believed, not only does Lord Krishna visit this place, but he also performs his Rasleela with Gopis here every night. This is why the doors of Nidhivan closed for the devotees as well as for the priests after the evening of Aarti. Even it is known that the animals and birds that are seen here all day always leave the premises in the evening. Sure, there is something about Nidhivan that has yet to be discovered and understood. Since no one is allowed to come face to face with reality in the post-night aarti premises, it may take a long time. So till the day, the enigma is not solved completely, we have to quench our thirst with these facts.
Mysterious Nidhivan
                   Nidhivan has a palace inside that is called the Rang Mahal. It is the place where the sandalwood bed is prepared for Lord Krishna every night. A jar filled with water, a Neem Daatun (to brush teeth) & a Pan (betel leaf with areca nut) are kept on the bedside. It is assumed that once the doors are opened in the morning, the bed looks like someone's sleeping inside, while the water in the jar is also eaten, and so is the Pan and the Neem Datun (Neem Brush). 
Ras Leela
                There have been incidents that even Nidhivan's premises are empty in the evening, and some have gone a little further and decided to remain hidden to watch the mysterious Ras Leela. Unfortunately, those who have tried this kind of thing have lost sight, speech, or even worse mental soundness. The trees found in Nidhivan are of different kinds. Most of these trees are short in height and have entangled trunks. Even the Tulsi plants found in the premises are in pairs. Devotee believes that in the night, these trees convert to Gopis and participate in the Ras Leela. As soon as dawn breaks, they turn into trees again. It is also said that no one has been able to successfully bring home the parts of the Tulsi plants here.
Keshi Ghat, Vrindaban      
Keshi Ghat
                   Keshi Ghat is the largest bathing place in the town of Vrindavan. It's a little east of Chir-ghat on the banks of the Yamuna. Keshi Ghat is one of the most beautiful ghats of Yamuna, with stone palaces on the banks and a huge Madanmohan temple visible in the background. Here the sacred river the Yamuna flows very graciously and extends to all without discrimination. Anyone who touches, drinks, sees, tastes, and bathes in its waters is forever pure. This ghat (a series of steps leading down to the body of water) is named after Lord Krishna's pastime killing the demon Keshi.
Banshi Vat, Vrindaban     
Banshi Vat
                    It is heard that when Chaitanya Mahaprabhu first came to Vrindavan, he only came to Banshi Vat. This is the celebrated place where Lord Krishna performed the celebrated pastime of Maharaas Dance on the auspicious day of Sharad Purnima (full moon night) in the form of Gopinath or Lord of Gopis. Banshi means flute, and Vat is Banyan Tree. So the Banyan tree under which Shri Krishna plays his flute is known as Banshi Vat. Upon hearing the divine flute, the Gopis became emotionally helpless and ran to Banshi Vat. Here Shri Krishna plays the flute forever. Shri Krishna took as many forms as there were Gopis. It's about 5400 years old, the place of Leela, Banshi Vat. Lord Shiva came to this place in the form of a Gopi during the Maharaas and therefore Shri Krishna gave him the name "Gopishwar Mahadev." It is also said that "No place like Vrindavan, No village-like Nandgaon, No Banyan Tree-like Banshi Vat, & there is no name like Radha-Krishna." The Gopis had such an intense feeling of love for Shri Krishna that they abandoned their children, husbands, and homes to the desire of Shri Krishna. Sri Krishna disappeared from the sight of Gopis during the Raas Leela. Gopis began to search for Krishna, and when their intense sense of separation from Krishna was about to reach its extreme point of madness, Krishna appeared before them, influenced by their pure love. Here is also the large Vat tree type where the lord Radha Gopinath appeared (which is now in Jaipur). It is believed that Shri Krishna plays his flute even today, and many people claim that they can hear it as well.
Kusum Sarovar
       Besides these, there are some more viewpoints like the Golden Palm tree, Prison of Kangsa, Palace of Mathura, Mathura city, Yamuna Nodi, Gother Math, Kusum Sarovar, etc.

Nearest Airport                   : Delhi Airport (155km) & Agra Airport (60km)
Nearest Railway Station : Mathura or Agra
           Taxis are available to carry to the destination. State buses link Vrindavan to other surrounding towns. Anyone can always easily get cars shared, rickshaws to & from Mathura.

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