Uddhav Gopi Samvad

by - September 14, 2020

Uddhav -Krishna (Pic credited to Pinterest)
               Bhagwan (Lord) Sri Krishna left Vrindavan to Mathura to kill Asur raj Mama Kangsa. At that time He was 10 years 08 months old and killed Maharaj Kangsa. It was a long time after He left Vrindaban, one day He sat on a stair with His elder brother Balaram and saw a calf was drinking his mother's milk. As soon as He saw, Vrindaban remembered in His mind. Mother Yasodha, Father Nanda, Cow-Shephard friends, Gopi (Lovers), Radha Rani. Tears continued from His eyes. Brother Balaram understood the matter. Mother Devki also watched it. 
               The very next day, Mother Devki prepared various sweets made from cow-milk and served to Sri Krishna, She thought She may not give Khir, Sar, Nani (butter) like Yashoda. But it did not gain much. The condition of God remained unchanged. Then Balaram told to Krishna, "Kanha, why you would not send someone to Vrindaban for getting the news how are they now?" As soon as heard, Lord replied yes this is absolutely right. But whom to sent? I cannot send anyone to Brajabhumi (Vrindaban), except a special one. After much thought, Uddhav was suitable for this work.
Sri Krishna went to Uddhav 
          Uddhav, cousin of Lord Krishna on one side and a perfect friend on another side. Uddhav was very knowledgeable and had his arrogance for it, cause Lord Krishna was his friend and was wise himself also. He used to worship Krishna every morning and visit God. But in that morning when God Sri Krishna himself stood behind Uddhav at the time of worship, Udhhav could not visit God even after many tries. But as soon as when he turned and saw God himself stood, then he understood why he was not able to visit? 
              On the other hand, Lord Krishna was want to destroy the arrogance of Uddhav and was want to prove that there was no position of knowledge/wise in front of devotion and love. So Sri Krishna told Uddhav about Vrindaban yatra and collect the latest position of His nearer Brajabasi. 
Vrindaban Leela, Pic credited to flickr.com
           When Uddhav agreed to go to Vrindaban, Lord Krishna arranged himself in his own hands. His dress (yellow and green), the Nupur (leggy) of his feet, is as perfect as Krishna himself going to Vrindavan. One thing just taught him not to make mistakes to tell that Krishna did not come or would not come (otherwise they may die to hear that). Just say Krishna sent him to take news "how are they?" Uddhav Maharaj also interested why Vrindaban is great to Lord Krishna? So Uddhav was ready to go.
[Without saying a word here, Krishna himself could not go to Vrindavan because of the 100-years separation of Radha Krishna due to Sridam's (Krishna's friend) curse.]
Uddhav Visit Vrindaban
               In the beginning, I want to say, I do not have the courage to describe the state of mind of Vrindavan residents like Nanda Father, Yashoda Mother, Gop-Gopi, Friends, etc. Not so much as explaining, the grace of the Guru, just try to tell something. 
             Lord Shri Krishna, in his robe, sat in his own chariot and sent Uddhav to Vrindavan. Seeing Uddhav was almost exactly like Sri Krishna & all will be astray. Just Uddhav stepped at Vrindaban, found that the fishes were jumping from the Jamuna river and were dying to escape. The inquiry came to mind. The answer he came to know that the fishes can no longer see Krishna, but this is the land where Krishna's leg-dust is mixed, so lay down and die forever. Tears came into the eyes of Uddhav.
           Then on the way, he was listening to two birds Sukh and Sari, sitting on a tree trunk. Ever since Krishna has gone, the birds had been sitting with two eyes closed. Hearing the sound of Krishna's leggy, Sukh said that Sari, feels that Krishna has come! The sound of his leggy is heard. Let's open our eyes. In reply, Sari said, "You have heard the sound of Krishna's leggy, but that foot is not my Krishna's foot." So I won't open my eyes. Uddhav astonished with Krishna's love for the birds of Vrindavan.
              Then he reached Nandagaon. Seeing Krishna's love for birds and fishes, Uddhav could not understand how he would face before his father Nanda  & mother Yashoda. Anyhow, he met with courageous father Nanda. As just see him Nanda Maharaj started crying as remembered Krishna. "How did he forget? Uddhav". Then started all about Krishna's childhood activities & there was no end to say, Uddhav watched. 
              Uddhav thought If I can explain who is Krishna, then maybe the pain will be less of father Nanda. So He started to explain that Krishna is the father of the world, God Narayan himself. You and Mother Yashoda are lucky to have Krishna as a child and so on ....... Maharaj Nanda heard it minutely & laughed. Uddhav, I knew you are wise and scholar, but now understand you are not what I thought, and also a childish mind. If you say Losing him there were no unfortunate like ours, so we could understand you feel something our grief.
             Uddhav you compare Krishna with God Narayan, absolutely foolish. Narayana is the cause of the whole world, and Krishna is a small milky infant. Narayan is pure, innocent, saintly virtue and Krishna is a thief, liar, arrogant. We bow to Narayan, and Krishna walks behind me in my shoe. You're trying to extinguish my fire (mind) with ghee (clarified butter). Meanwhile, mother Yashoda was likely dead (after Sri Krishna left Vrindaban), listening to conversations from the adjoining house. Krishna's name was heard only, from that dilapidated body, with tears streaming down her eyes and milk from her breasts. Sri Krishna was 11 yrs old then. So it is possible for this cosmic world.
            When Lord Krishna went to Mathura, the Gopis are upset! Srikrishna, knew their condition, sent Uddhav, who was wise! Uddhav could not understand the feeling of Vrindaban's crying, feeding, wearing, etc. The pure love of the Gopis was seen as miserable and small. He will also learn from hearing about it. The fears went on to explain to the Gopis: 'Why are you all called Krishna, Krishna? Know that He is God & stay everywhere. He is in Mathura and not in Vrindavan, it cannot be. Without hesitating, once I look at the eyes, I will see that the evergreen Krishna is always in your heart '- and so on. The Gopis replied, 'Uddhav, you are a friend of Krishna, wise, what are you talking about! Do we find him meditating, not knowing, or chanting like sage-muni? Will we do all those things that we have arranged to meet, lost, eat, cloth, meditate on? Can we do that anymore? The mind with which I meditate, if we have the mind, we will do so with it! That mind has been in the lotus-foot of Krishna for a long time! Do we have anything else to say so that we can ego and chant? ' The surprise of hearing! Then Uddhav realized that the Gopis' love for Krishna is deep and understand the matter, he went to worship as his Guru! In fact, Krishna's love of the Gopis, without any reason, could not understand Uddhav.
               Sorry, I can't explain more....please excuse me. Because it's not possible for me to explain the feelings of Gopi and Srimati Radha Rani. Just to conclude by saying that when Uddhav returned from Vrindavan, he had no ego of knowledge/wise & hoped that he could be born in Vrindavan as a tree, climber or grass in the next re-birth. Because leaves, trees, grasses of Vrindavan, they also say about Krishna.

Hare Krishna ......

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