CAB pass in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha

by - December 12, 2019

CAB Pass in Lok Sabha (09.12.19)
      The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) was passed in the Lok Sabha on 09.12.19. After seven hours of debate, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has informed that the passage of the bill will allow non-Muslim minority refugees from three neighboring countries to get citizenship in the country.
Modiji & Amit Shahji
      But the Muslims of this country have nothing to do with that law. And if the law is passed, the Muslims of the country will not have any problem. The vote for the bill was 311 and against the bill, there were 80 votes. Amit Shah has said that soon the national civil/citizen registration or NRC will be brought in the country. While addressing the bill, Home Minister Amit Shah has faced massive attacks from the opposition. Opponents of the bill's debate have simultaneously said the bill is unfair to Muslims. But assuring the government, Amit Shah said that the Muslims of the country have no fear if this bill is passed. The bill has nothing to do with Muslims living in India. Besides, Amit Shah assured the residents of the northeastern state that there was no cause for concern.
CAB Pass in Rajya Sabha (11.12.19)
    The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which provides for citizenship of non-Muslim refugees, has been passed in the Rajya Sabha. The bill was passed by 125-105 votes. However, the Shiv Sena refrained from voting.
Uddhav Thackeray
     Shiv Sena, which had refrained from voting on the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, voted for the bill, commenting on national interest two days ago. The Congress, expressing dissatisfaction with their position in the Lok Sabha, walked them in the opposite direction from one chamber to the other. The Shiv Sena reduced the number of walkouts of three members, thereby benefiting the government, the minority government in the Rajya Sabha. In the Rajya Sabha, the bill fell to 125 votes and 105 against it. The Shiv Sena has repeatedly said that if Home Minister Amit Shah's statement is not satisfactory, their vote could go to the other side. In the Rajya Sabha debate, Shiv Sena Sanjay Raut said, "I have heard from yesterday that those who do not support this bill are traitors, and those who do are patriotic. We do not need any certificate on Hinduism and Nationalism. ”
      Amid opposition objections, the citizenship amendment bill was passed in the Lok Sabha last Monday. The bill will become law only if the President signs it.
   Home Minister Amit Shah presented the bill in the upper house of parliament. The amended bill calls for the citizenship of six communities of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh who have gone to India or stay before December 31, 2014.
      On this day in the Rajya Sabha, Amit Shah dragged the context of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, claiming, "There have been religious frauds with millions of people." The bill will give rights to those refugees. ”The Home Minister assured that there is no cause for fear of Muslims living in this country. Addressing the evening, Amit Shah said that the bill was not brought for political purposes. The previous Government could not properly deal with the matter.     
           Anand Sharma, calling for the opposition to attack the BJP on behalf of the Congress, said, "This bill is' an injury to the soul of India." At the same time, Anand Sharma replied to the allegations made by Amit Shah in the Lok Sabha that the Congress was responsible for the partition of the country. He directly blamed the Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League for dividing the country. Trinamool Congress has also given guns to the BJP based on the words of Amit Shah. Speaking on the note, party MP Derek O'Brien said, "Even if you assure you, there is a reason for fear of the CAB. Because, at the time of the demonetization, the Prime Minister assured. But everyone knows what the consequences are. "
     But with the exception of Muslims, critics fear the creation of religious divisions through the law. They say it is in conflict with India's secular constitution.
    Apart from these three Muslim-majority countries, the question of why this provision is not available to the citizens of other neighboring countries like Sri Lanka or Nepal has also been raised in the political arena of India.
     The communal split allegations against the NRC are not different from the intention of the citizenship amendment bill against the BJP Government. Through this law, the path to citizenship of Hindus who are excluded from the NRC will be facilitated.
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Rajya Sabha, calling it "a significant day in India and our country is sympathetic and brotherly." PM is pleased to pass the Citizenship Bill 2019 in the Rajya Sabha. Gratitude to the MPs who voted for the Bill. This bill will reduce the plight of the victims for many years. ”

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