Devotee Ruidas

by - December 21, 2019

Reincarnation of the devotee Ruidas
             In his previous birth, Ruidas was a Brahmachari (unmarried), Brahman and his Spiritual Master (Guru) was named Ramananda. On the order of the Guru, he brought a handful of rice every day from one house to another to begging. Then he cooked himself and gave Guru to serve God Almighty. He never disobeyed Guru's word. One businessman would ask him to take more than a handful every day, but he never took it. One day he could not beg due to heavy rain. He returned on that day with more begging from the businessman. Then, as usual, Brahman cooked and gave it to the Guru. The Guru could not meditate on that day by serving God. When he asked the disciple, he understood and rebuked him. I forbade begging for more than one handful of rice. Then he angrily cursed the disciple that your descendants would be born.
Ruidas's Life in Short
                    At the curse of the spiritual master (guru), that Brahman was born in the house of a cobbler. But he did not forget anything about Sadguru (honest devotee master) of the previous generation and of good companionship. At birth, God's (Krishna) devotion woke up in the mind of Ruidas. Her parents could not breastfeed despite many efforts. In fact, the feeling of separation from the Guru (Ramananda) was in the mind of Ruidas. But parents, how do they understand?
              When his parents did not understand anything, went to Swami Ramananda. Ramanand was omniscient. He realized that he was responsible for it, because he cursed. It was too late to rush to see his disciple. Ruidas's tears stopped when he saw the Guru. The Guru also blessed touched the baby's head, "soon you will see God" and also he gave the Great Mantra (initiation) in his ear.
   Every day, Ruidas make two pairs of shoes. One pair donated to any Vaishnav, and one pair for sold to live on anyhow, even never had to eat. Sriram Chandra could not stay because of his grief. One day He (Bhagawan Sri Ram Chandra) came incognito and gave a Sprashamani (the stone once touch anything converts to gold automatically). But Ruidas did not take it. When Ruidas asked, "Who are you?". In replied Ramchandra said his venerable Raghubar. But if you really give something, kindly show your true form. Again came another day but the result same. But this time when the same answer uttered if you gave, kindly visit your own form, God once gave a vision like lightning and vanished in a second. Ruidas was tearing. Ah ! what a beautiful - Pitambar Navaghan Shyamla Sundar. Later, Queen of Jhali took the initiation from Ruidas.

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