Goal of Life

by - December 02, 2019

Goal of Life
                    What is the goal or aim and purpose of life? Blessed of those lives who can understand or can feel something about the aim of life. No one knows where we were coming from, where we stay, and where to go? We can only count the days we are here, which means that someday we will live on earth. 

Student with teacher

                In childhood, we started our aim target life taught by our parents, teachers, or guardians. Parents make us Superman for eating food and for that they tell different artificial stories. At the beginning of the study, they started along with our teachers, we should become established in the future as doctors, engineers, pilots, businessmen, servicemen or advocates, politicians, and so on. How many parents or masters have who bless us live your life to be human beings, grow up to work for public, love people, benefit people in danger, make this world livable for the next generation so that when we leave the earth, everyone can remember us as a human being. 
Children with parents
                In fact, if you feel tastes good to eat sweets, you want to feed everyone that sweets so that everyone can understand the taste of it.
A Real Story of The Great Alexander 
                 In just thirty-three years, before Alexander's death, he called his generals, the most trusted, closest people, who had fought shoulder to shoulder with him. He assembled everyone and said, 'I hear the call of the upper (God), I realize I will leave the world very soon. I have at least three wishes, let them be celebrated in letters. ”The commander agreed with his eyes with tears. Alexander began to say, "My first wish - that my body will be carried to the grave only by my physicians." He paused and breathed in a trembling voice, and said, 'My second wish is to carry my body to the tomb and on the way, all the gold, silver, jewels, and jewelry I have earned will be scattered. ”After a while, he again said,“ My third and last wish is when Carrying my body my hands should be laid outside of the coffin."

Alexander The Great
                 Alexander's favorite commander kissed him deeply and said, "We must fulfill all your wishes." But great emperor! Our great curiosity is aroused. Would you please tell, why such an order? '' Tears glistened in the corner of Alexander's eyes, but a mysterious smile playing in the corner of his lips. He said, 'I learned three things in the final stage of my life, and want to convey it to the world. First, my body will be carried by doctors, so that everyone can understandit is not possible for any physician on earth to bring him back to the gates of death if the human life span is over. Explaining the second, Alexander said, 'The treasure will spread in the path of burial so that everyone will knowI have spent my whole life pursuing wealth, but I can not do anything with it! Third, keep your hands out of the coffin. Because I want to tell the world—I came to earth empty-hands and going back to empty-hands again. The most valuable resource on earth is the time and the most important thing in life is to do something for people. This was realized in the last days of Alexander the Great, but then there was nothing to do.
Established our Life First 
Think twice before a decision
               It is a reality that we have to study, be wise, be established in life, or how do we benefit others? But ambitions for getting richer and bigger just don't feel right or run behind it. There is a house, now need a bungalow house, then need a palace, a car already has but now two more expensive cars needed... and in this way, one day life will end..... our life will be far away from the purpose or goal of life. We also have to be honest, speak the truth all the time and always be a company with honesty. 
             People on earth must be satisfied with whatever they need. People can dream of growing up, but it has to be moral. It should not affect his personality, human values, and independence. It should be kept in mind that excessive greed and ambition should not turn into death. Always should try to control the mind, only then will human life be worthwhile.
            Cash or money, how are you feeling about wealth? Can this money make life happy? If you own enormous wealth, do you own all the happiness? Or do you need something else in your life? Money can give instant satisfaction, but can everything be regarded with money at all times? There is, in truth, no specific response. But one thing, if the money makes us happy, then the rich persons never take sleeping pills to sleep.
To know or Realize Oneself
              Millions of young people have attached or aim with different professions. They are chasing a good career, money, power, wealth, the opposite sex, and so on. But I believe that being a good and happy person should be the first priority above everything else and of course realize himself/herself. Once it gained in mind, just imagine your world surely changed with your previous one.
           Actually here is the topic "How to realize yourself/myself?", I think a huge discussion and controversion will start now. This has no end. Think, Earth creation from Formless Universe (Big Bang Theory), where we come from and where to go? 

       However, I say two or three points. You do not learn to swim without going down into the water, in the same way, we have to know ourselves first, then we know the spirit. The rest He will tell who He is? and He will tell you way too, believe this universal truth.
Bhagavad Gita
  1. You should read or always touch with Religious Holy Books. If you Christian touch with Bible, If Hindu touch with Gita, Bhagwat and if you are Muslim (Islam) touch with Quran etc.
  2. Regular do Meditation in the morning.


                            .................... within a month everyone must feel something different, maybe understand the meaning of life.

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