Guru Purav Ras Leela

by - December 12, 2019

Jai Sri Gurudev
              One of the most celebrated days in ancient Hinduism is Purnima. It is also practiced by people of Buddhism. This is a celebrated day in India and Nepal. On that day, any student or disciple pays homage and respect to his spiritual teacher or education guru.
              The question now is whether it is a mere religious event or has any special significance. In fact, the main purpose was to improve student-teacher relationships. It is said that love is a respected knowledge. The lack of it is very obvious now. That is why the student-teacher relationship is deteriorating. Financial transactions have grown in place of faith.
         Under the influence of globalization, students are coming to the teacher today to steal the room of thought. The fruit is what it is meant to be. The people of ancient Hinduism realized how important it was to have respect for the person to whom I would get an education. That is why education should start with respect to the Guru.
Guru Nanak Birth Day 
Guru Nanak
              The day of Kartik Purnima is very important for Hindus and Sikhs. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Sikh Guru and founder of Sikhism, was born on the day of Kartik Purnima. On this day people of the Sikh community celebrate Prakash Parv, decorate Gurudwaras with special lights, langars are organized with bhajan-kirtan. On the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, prayers are offered in gurdwaras and blessings are obtained. The houses are also decorated with lights.
          According to mythology, Lord Shiva slaughtered the Tripurasura demon on Kartik Purnima, due to which Goddesses, sages and sages and humans were liberated from their tyranny. Pleased with this, all the Gods and Goddesses had come to Kashi that day and celebrated Diwali in the joy of Tripurasura slaughter. Since then, Dev Deepavali is celebrated every year in Kashi.
Ras Leela
               The complete moon of the Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month is known as Sharad Purnima. Sharad Purnima is also known as Ras Purnima. It is alleged that on the nighttime of Sharad Purnima, Moon is complete of 16 arts and polishes the nectar. Therefore, a sweet is prepared that is Kheer. It is kept in the open sky at night, and in the morning it is eaten as a feast.
                Amusingly, on the nighttime of Sharad Purnima, the moon is near the planet Earth. It is also trusted that on the day of Sharad Purnima, Shri Krishna starts his Raasleela with his beloved Radha and Gopis. Ras Leela is an exciting miracle performed by Shri Krishna. It is said that the Lord who had to be given the fruits of his qualities were born as Gopis to enjoy the delightful Leelas of Lord Krishna. 
               In fact, it is not possible for an ordinary person like me to explain Ras Leela. Ras Leela cannot be felt if the home of devotion is not full. The union of Atma-Paramatma, the union of Bhakta-Bhagavan, one's own Ras with oneself, (creation of Radharani from the left limb of Sri Krishna).

Hare Krishna .......

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