Human Theory

by - December 17, 2019

Re-Birth of 84 Million of Times Before Human Life
       How created life and divisions of life already something described in the article the theory of soul. So, at last, life created from food. Now try to discuss about human-birth. After the re-birth process of eighty-four millions of times of animal lives, a soul gains a human body. In the form of trees, they are born 30 million times. Sunshine, storms, rain, and axe injury, even the big trees on the mountain top suffer hundreds of years of standing. 
   Then, the soul comes as aquatic animals (fish, crocodile, tortoise, etc.), the soul returns (re-born) nine million times. No hands and feet they have only head. Many children are born in one womb. Eats each other's flesh for self-defense.
       Then the soul borns into worms' vagina for millions of times. It sinks into the stool with other worms. The fat body without sense organs. After that with the recycling & re-birth process, the soul comes again & again into the birds' vagina for 11 million times. There is no house, no room, only treehouse (nest) & sun, storm, rain, how much trouble, eat insects. 
        Next the soul transfer in the animals' vagina for 20 million times. Various animals face a great deal of suffering. But eventually, the soul transfers into the cows' vagina, which is a good stage among animal lives, because after that the soul enters the humans' vagina for 4 millions of times. So human life is very very rare and scarce. Therefore, if this rare human birth is not able to do the right thing, then it will have to suffer from the re-birth process of the soul from the first stage i.e., the birth of the tree. 
How Life Change
        The initial stage of embryos caused by semen (sperm of father) and blood (mother's womb) is called obesity (terrestrial life)Then it is in the form of a fat meat puddle. When the creature becomes alive with the ten senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, etc.), it is called the conscious life. After that life becomes obsessed with illusion and is involved in the various functions and duties of the world then it is a closed/obstacle life. Again when the body that leaves the world's duties/functions (free from illusion) to catch or hold the feet of the Sri Guru (Spiritual Master) is a free-living being. Lastly, when that free creature surrenders to the Almighty, he is always engaged in the service of His (God's) service, his name, is that of a pure fine life.  
Fetus Development in mother's womb (pic credited
         First of all the creation of the sky or the cosmos from the selfless spirit. Next creation of air from the sky and then the creation of the light from the air. After that the creation of water from the light, the creation of the earth from the water. The medicines or plants created from the earth, the food from the trees, and the birth of humans and other organisms/life from the food.
       On the day the embryo comes in the womb, five things take place in that body. They are the soil (Khiti), the water (Ap), the light (Tej), the air (Marut), the sky (Bom tatwa). Then the sensing organism comes, sound, touch, formation, juice, and smell. Again the day when the soul leaves the body, they will all merge in nature whether it burns or buried. 
What Should Be Done in Our Life?
        One simple thing we can't remember (for illusion) that we have not brought anything with us when coming to this Earth and will go from here with nothing, we must return to the empty hand, then for savings, lust, greed, why we fail this rare human being? 
     As all the senses and organs are refreshed in youth, they all become degenerate in old age. Then there is no more energy to accomplish. Black hair will be white on the face, the teeth will go away, the body will become weak. So it should work in time. Many say that work can be done later. But who sees tomorrow? I may or may not have much time. If I leave the world, my work is not done, unfinished.
      So, always have to speak the truth and be honest. Greed, jealousy, anger, gossip,  will not covet. Only then we can see or meet the honest spiritual master (Guru), and if we follow the advice or instructions of the honest Guru, we can feel or realize the essence of God (Godliness), & can make the earth more beautiful for future/coming generations.

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