Theory of Soul

by - December 15, 2019

       "The matter of this content doesn't belong to any theory/tenet of any particular religion. These are the most common things which happened in every life in this world and everything in front of us, but few of us can realize. I just say what I am gathered and experienced from the various saint and from some great personalities, some of them now are in RIP. "
       As this matter is common for every life so evolution theory and also other's doctrine are not described here thoroughly. Discussing various doctrines about the origin of life will start with different arguments - like if our ancestors were a monkey, gorillas or something like that, then why are they not all the people today? Their children being monkey or Gorilla? Actually, we are coming up with some assumptions and also some evidence. However, it should be noted that the respected scientist Darwin did not have any information regarding the nature of Eternal Soul. So there is great confusion about the theory of evolution. He did not describe that humankind existed from the beginning of creation. Because with the creation of the universe, different species are created. Humans, animals, birds of prey - All are created simultaneously.
        There are four stages 1. General Knowledge 2. Science 3. Super Natural Science (Abhi-Gyan) and lastly 4. Universal Science (Brahma-Gyan). The wisdom of Brahma (the unknowable) cannot be attained only in the room of science, it is quite impossible because the infinite cannot be expressed or defined, but can be realised. 
      Bio-scientists also affirm the fact that even the smallest molecular microbes, such as bacteria, have consciousness. When consciousness enters an inanimate body, we call it a living body. However, when there is no consciousness in the body, or in other words, when Soul abandons the body, only one part of the material is left, in which we are called death. Thus, the eternal Soul never dies, and it is not born a second time, which we call birth-death - it is nothing but a mutation of the physical body (same example for DNA test also).
 How Created Life in the Earth 
        First of all the creation of the sky or the cosmos from the selfless spirit. Next creation of air from the sky and then the creation of the light from the air. After that the creation of water from the light, the creation of the earth from the water. The medicines or plants created from the earth, the food from the trees, and the birth of humans and other organisms/life from the food.
Divisions of Life
     All the creatures live on this earth in the 5 differents theory (tatwa). The terrestrial (Sthul), the conscious (tathasta), the captured (Badhha), the free (Mukta) and the living fine (Sukhsma). 
       The initial stage of embryos caused by semen (sperm of father) and blood (mother's womb) is called obesity (terrestrial life)Then it is in the form of a fat meat puddle. When the creature becomes alive with the ten senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, etc.), it is called the conscious life. After that life becomes obsessed with illusion and is involved in the various functions and duties of the world then it is a closed/obstacle life. Again when the body that leaves the world's duties/functions (free from illusion) to catch or hold the feet of the Sri Guru (Spiritual Master) is a free-living being. Lastly, when that free creature surrenders to the Almighty, he is always engaged in the service of His service, his name, is that of a pure fine life.
Types of Soul
      Again there are five kinds of souls in this body. Such as Jeevatma (Soul), Bhutatma (Ghost Soul), same as Paramatma, Atmaram, Atmarameshwar. Jeevatma is obsessed with the illusion of this world's functions. It's located at the quadrilateral lotus in the rectum cave of the body. The spirit that is subdued by the pursuit is the Bhutatma (ghost soul).  It's located in the sixteenth-lateral lotus at the root of the penis/vagina. Paramatma soul belongs to pure fine living (Sukhsma), and situated at the tenth-lateral lotus at the root of the Navel. Similarly, Atmaram soul situated at the root of the heart in the twelveth-lateral lotus form and Atmarameswar soul located at the thousand-lateral lotus in the head. 
Chakra/Lotus location in the body
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       The important thing is that there should create a relation to contact with the Almighty God. Such as Friendship, Pleasant, Slaver-Master, Parents or Guardians feeling, and Lover feeling. Jeevatma - Pleasant feeling, Ghost Soul - Slavery relation, Paramatma - Friendship with God, Atmaram - relation like Parents/Guardians of God, and lastly Atmarameswar soul - Sweet Lover relationship with Almighty. The theory of human life would be briefly discussed in the next article.

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