Who Went Mathura ? Sri Krishna or Lord Vishnu ?

by - December 27, 2019

                  Krishna himself admits, without Vrindavan one footstep go nowhere, then who went to Mathura? Even though God can be in the three worlds (heaven, earth, hades), the three times (past, present, future) can be everywhere at once, nothing is impossible for him. Still, as a human being, the question in mind will remain?
  1. If Krishna did not go anywhere from Vrindavan, then who went to Mathura?
  2. It is not the work of the Lord Himself that killed the Asuras, he only tastes Prem Leela  (Loves) - the Lord Vishnu who controls the world. (Adileela-4th Chapter, Chaitanya Charitamrita)
  3. Krishna has a flute in his hand - and Sudarshan Chakra in the hands of Lord Vishnu.  etc. and so on.
         From all these questions we can only imagine something or can get some ideas. From Adileela - 4th Chapter, Chaitanya Charitamrita -

স্বয়ং ভগবানের কর্ম নহে ভার-হরন। 
স্থিতি কর্তা বিষ্ণু করে জগৎ পালন ।।

                  That means It is not the duty/work of Lord Krishna to maintain the universe but the Lord of Status Bhagaban Vishnu who controls it. Lord Krishna is a Lover & He tastes only the Love (Prem-Leela). 
                   Anyhow, to summarize, when Akrur was bringing Bhagaban Sri Krishna to Mathura to kill demon king Kangsa, He bathed in the water of Jamuna on the way. Just then Sri Krishna went down to bathe in the river Jamuna and remained in the womb of Jamuna, who came out, Lord Vishnu. Both are the same form, no one could understand. Sri Krishna stayed in Vrindavan. But He maintained 100-years of separation from Srimati Radha Rani for the curse of friend Sridam.

                 Here are some examples that can be taken. Why the tears in the eyes of the person who is outside the three natures (Sattwa, Raj, Tama)? Why the pain of being without the residents of Vrindavan (Brajabasi)? 

              This was probably the nature of habituating which happened with Lord Vishnu. The body was of Lord Vishnu but the mind (soul) was of Sri Krishna. Lord Vishnu enjoyed and realized every Leela (play/game) of Sri Krishna (Ras Leela, Gother Math, Nani churi (theft), the kindness of Mother Yashoda & Nanda Baba, Gopi, etc.), which now missed after came to Mathura. This is the probable sadness of Lord Vishnu. Smt. Radha Rani never came to Mathura, But Rukmini (Mata Laxmi) is always with Lord Vishnu in Mathura. At last in the Pravas Khand/Pravas Yanga, all the residents of Vrindaban (Brajabasi) came and went to Golakdham from there (including Radha-Krishna). 
               Another cause, Sri Krishna was in Vrindaban till His 8 yrs old. He never holds the Sudarshan Chakra to kill any demon sent by king Kangsa. The sound of Sri Krishna's flute tune keeps the earth fascinated. But after coming to Mathura we can see in many times Lord Vishnu holds Sudarshan [at the time of Shishupal Vadh (kill), Kurukshetra Yudh (battle) etc.].

                    Once, there was a surprise. The Gopis complained to Mother Yashoda that they could not bathe in peace for Krishna at the Ghat of Jamuna river. On hearing this, mother Yashoda tied Krishna with a rope at the house. But when she went to Jamuna Ghat and saw Krishna sitting there. Soon she returned home and saw that Krishna was tied by a rope as usual. Now, who was this Krishna tied by a rope, and who was that Krishna in the Jamuna ghat? God's Eternal Leela ...... who can say?

                Also while in Mathura, found in Bhagwat that Lord Vishnu shedding a few tears for Vrindavan. According to some devotees, Lord Narayan/Vishnu used to miss after He came to Mathura, the sweetness that Lord Krishna performed on His body while He was in Vrindavan. Again we get at the end of the Prabhas Yajna, Rukmini Devi and Lord Vishnu remain in the mortuary, but Radharani attracted from the body of Lord Vishnu and travels to Golakdham with Krishna himself. In fact, the more we think, the more we benefit.

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