Why did Mahaprabhu (Sri Chaitanya) take the incarnation?

by - December 28, 2019

Why did Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu take the incarnation?
                 We find in various religious books that Mahaprabhu was born along with Radha-Krishna (Radha-Krishna combined body). Radha organs and forms outside, Krishna Himself inside the soul (Bhab-Kanti-Vilas). Now the question is why did He take looks or impersonation like?
               There is no Krishna in Kali Yuga (era). In the Kali Yuga, He will come in the form of Kalki Avatar (Bhagabat Says). Again, according to the Gita, when the calamity strikes on religion, oppression escalates, he emerges from time to time to establish religion and to destroy evil/demon. This is the blind faith of every devotee. So Mahaprabhu came in that period (before near about 525 yrs ago).

Mahaprabhu's Sankirtan
তিন বাঞ্ছা পুরাইতে ব্রজের কানাই গৌড় হলো। 

      That means to fulfill the desires of the three matters, Krishna of Vrindavan became Gauda (Mahaprabhu). 
  1. To spread God's name (Hare Krishna Naam), love & affection.
  2. How much did Srimati Radha Rani love him in Vrindavan?
  3. How much happiness did Radharani get in love with Krishna?

                  Again we find in Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adileela, 4th Chapter --

প্রেম নাম প্রচারিতে এই অবতার।। 
সত্য এই হেতু কিন্তু এহ বহিরঙ্গ । 
আর এক হেতু শুন আছে অন্তরঙ্গ ।। 

      This incarnation in the preaching & to promote God's love & His name (Hare Krishna Naam). This is the truth but it is external and has another internal reason.

আনুষঙ্গ কর্ম এই অসুর মারন। (খ)
যে লাগি অবতার কহি সে মূল কারণ ।। 
প্রেমরস নির্যাস (গ) করিতে আস্বাদন। 
রাগমার্গ - ভক্তি (ঘ) লোকে করিতে প্রচারণ।। 

       All this action is done to kill the Asuras/demons, this was His extra work. But the Avatar for the main reason was to taste the love extract. Rag-Marg* Devotion to propagate or promote among the people.

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