No Asceticism in Kaliyug / Act of Monk

by - January 19, 2020

             First of all, apologize to everyone, if any words or language hurt someone's mind. What I have found in some of my experiences or some religious texts I just tried to write. 
Adileela, 17th Chapter, Chaitanya Charitamrita (taken from Brahmabaita Puran)

অশ্বমেধং গবালম্ভং সন্ন্যাসং পলপিতৃকম। 
দেবরেন সুতৎপত্তিতিং কলৌ পঞ্চ বিবর্জয়েৎ।।  

        Clearly mention that in any Yagna (firework dedicated to God), no Horse or Cow to be killed, after the death of the father, not use of meat in his Shradh (after death-religious-work according to Hindu religion), Production of children by Debar (brother in law) and no asceticism (Sannyas) in Kaliyug. Because, human beings of Kaliyug, they have not such power and patience to maintain the act of asceticism as it is very hard and strict. 

Madhyaleela, 3rd Chapter, Chaitanya Charitamrita 

প্রভু কহে সন্ন্যাসীর ভক্ষ্য নহে উপকরণ।  
ইহা খেলে কৈছে হবে ইন্দ্রিয় বারণ।। (ক)
প্রভু বলে এতো অন্ন নারীব খাইতে। 
সন্ন্যাসীর ধৰ্ম নহে উচ্ছিষ্ট রাখিতে।। (গ)

       This happened when Sree Chaitanya took Prasad (food) at the house of Aditya Acharya, then Mahaprabhu said the monk should not eat too much food materials. Excessive food intake will increase greed, which is must abundant for a monk.
        Again as much as you can eat, you should take it, otherwise having more food in the dish means taking more food in greed, which should not the right for a monk or a saint. 
       Besides all this, every day the monk should beg his handful of rice from a couple of houses,  and after cooking served to God, and then take that prasad (food).  Never save for the future.

Madhyaleela, 7th Chapter, Chaitanya Charitamrita 

মুকুন্দ হয়েন দুঃখী দেখি সন্ন্যাস ধৰ্ম।  
তিনবার শীতে স্নান ভূমিতে শয়ন।। 

           That means Mukunda was sad to see the monk dharma of Mahaprabhu. Three times bath even in winter and bed in the ground.
           The monk doesn't stay in the same place for more than three hours. In a secluded place away from the locality, in the shrine, in the cemetery usually available. Eat only one time per day & wear only one cloth and their main work only to promote (and chanting) the name of God & always ready to help the suffering people.

Now the question is why Chaitanya Mahaprabhu took Sannyas (asceticism)?

             Actually, He is a God of love (Premer Thakur), what is his work of monk? The reason for His incarnation was to feel the love of Srimati Radha Rani. What was the reason He faced the so hard monk's life trouble? Just to save the life of everyone in the Kali Yuga. Otherwise, there is no way to rescue in this age. Only if take God Hari's name (Hare Krishna) or chanting God's Name, I will rescue human beings, but He knew it will not possible to take people in this age. So if anyone greets me as a monk, I will rescue him. That's why His name is Patitapavan.

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