Provas Yagna | প্রভাস যজ্ঞ Part-III

by - January 29, 2020

Part - III

Narad Went to Basudev for giving the intelligence of Provas Yagna 
            After taking goodbye from Sree Krishna Debarshi Narad sharply went to Father Basudev for giving him the intelligence of Provas Yagna (to couple Radha-Krishna again). Basudev gave respect in devotion and also gave him a seat. After that Narad started to talk about the various activities of religious work and also stated that among them, Donate Yagna (Dan Yagna) is great & best. Donate Yagna is also greater than Ashwamedh and Rajsuya Yagna. When Basudev wants to know about the details of Donate Yagna, Narad started to say that after gathering (storage) all the donated materials and all the items dedicated to God by reading Veda Mantra and then distribute. All of the Universe (God, Goddess, human beings, birds, animals, Kinnar, Saints, etc)  should be invited & gave them food with respect & care. Those who have sons like Sree Krishna and Balaram, what does he lack? Call on your sons & complete the Donate Yagna, save your great virtue for the future, which never comes again in your life. But Yagna should be complete in the shrine place and in Solar eclipse. Listening from Narad, Basudev quickly sends the messenger to Sree Krishna and Balaram. 
               As ordered by Basudev, the messenger called on Ram-Krishna. Two brothers sharply came and bow their father Basudev. Then Basudev said, "Sons, I have a wish to finish the most virtue of Donate Yagna" but I don't know how? Need so much wealth, how to organize such a big deal? Then Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram gave assure his father, to fulfill his wish.
Remembering Vishwakarma and Ordered For the Construction of a Palace-Cum-City at Provas
            No late, Lord remembered Viswakarma and God Viswakarma himself present at Dwarakapuri as sharp. Hey Viswakarma! at Provas, on the bank of holy river Saraswati, there build a palace-cum-city with gold, ruby, emerald, gems, and also four main Doors in four sides in that city. There are should be countless homes upstairs with rows of rows. Everyone will come from Tribhuvan (heaven, earth, hell), everyone should get a place to stay. In the middle of the city, there will be a place of Yagna, as seen everywhere.
         There should be also wilderness (garden) the same as Vrindaban outside the city which will be different kinds of flowers & sweet fruit trees, shrubbery. Lord Viswakarma made it as the direction of Sree Krishna, himself astonished to view of Provas. Am I so lucky?  Here I will see the Radhakrishna couple. Thinking his eyes were watering. After finished his work, he went to Dwaraka and told to Sree Krishna. 
               Lord Giridhari came to visit Provas sharp and thanks to Viswakarma. As soon Lord saw the wilderness (garden), remembered the Vrindaban, weeping in mind but no sign in outside His face. Then He came back to Dwaraka and called all of His relatives & declared about Provas Yagna.
Lord Narayan was busy for Invitation                 
              Lord called Yadugan (his relatives), at Solar eclipse, father Basudev wished to complete Donate Yagna for that you all quickly start your work at Provas. God Narayan also told to His elder brother Balaram, "Dada! please be ready for Provas Yagna". Then He remembered Debarshi Narad. Narad came without late & said, "Lord I know You will give me the responsibility of inviting the Tribhuban (heaven, earth, hell)". Lord gently smiled and said, "Who can turn the universe so quickly without you? You know it all, Narad". No late please ready to go to finish your responsibility but never go to Vrindaban. Otherwise, it will the opposite reaction. Not understanding Krishna's feelings, Narad left for his duties.
               Later, Lord Narayan went to the inner house of Devi Rukmini and called all of his marriage partners including Devi Satyabhama and told all about the Provas Yagna. Everyone was happy and ready to go to Provas except Goddess Rukmini. Devi called Him (Lord) in a secret, silent and isolated place & asked Sree Krishna, Hey Lord! after Narad's coming, why You so hurry about Provas Yagna? Why are You so interested to go to Provas left Dwaraka? I can't understand your feelings & also who can? But my mind says something different. Hey Govind! everyone will come, Your nearest dearest Brajabasi, mother, father and of course Your's Radha Rani. I know Just seeing them, you can no longer be held.  How much make noise for you there. This is not an auspicious Yagna for us. Normally all are saying Radha-Krishna, who says Rukmini-Krishna? After You meet Your Lover Radha, You will never see back me again. Hearing the delusion of Devi Rukmini, Narayan replied Hey Devi! You know all are say Laxmi-Narayan like as Radha-Krishna. You are also my lover Laxmi, never go anywhere left You. So stop crying and ready for Yagna. Because without you, I can't fulfill as You are the Goddess of wealth. Also You and Goddess Annapurna, both of You will take on the responsibility of cooking together so that no one will in hunger and never a shortage of wealth. Hearing Prabhu's word, Devi Rukmini was happy, bowed to the lotus feet of Sree Narayan & She also ready to go to Provas from Her mind.
Presence of Vrindaban's Residents (Brajabasi)                                     
             The market and the presence of all were not as described. Who was not there? What else could not be found? Like a puzzle in the eyes. After completing the invitation, Narad thought in mind what would be done now? Prabhu Sree Hari ordered me to invite all except for the residents of Vrindaban. Can't realize the cause. But I already assured them (Part-I). Narad thought, whatever happens, I will invite the Brajabasi, strong in mind to couple them again. But for shame, he could not get into Vrindavan. What would he say? To think about this Debarshi at night, entered the Maa Kali Mandir which was outside the Vrindaban. That Devi Maa Kali was called Goddess Pournamasi
             On that night Mother  Pournamasi worshiped and praised by Narad. Mother was pleased and wanted to fulfill his wish. Hey Mother! There is nothing impossible you can do. Kindly coupled Radha-Krishna again, I already assured Srimati Radha Rani, and this is my only wish. Of course, I will complete that auspicious work. I will also go with as Radha's Sakhi (partner), I will also want to look at Radhakrishna's twin and substantial of my eyes. You go to Provas calmly.
             Very next day morning, Devi Pournamasi went to Vrindaban and called Brinda Devi (Sakhi of Radha Rani) and told them all happened already last night. Hey Brinda! holy time come at last, Sree Krishna arranged a Yagna at Provas for the purpose of coupled with Radha Rani again. Go fast and tell them all including Nandaraj & Srimati Yashoda. I also will go with you.           
          Just hearing about Yagna, will be done by Sree Krishna Himself, everyone in Vrindavan (Father, Mother, Gopis, Sakhis, Shepherds, animals, Birds, etc) was ready to come to the Provas. It was a wonder! as soon as heard, they willingly ready to come, they had no ego whether they were invited or not, nothing was interrupted matters between them and their Krishna or Gopal. 
           Indweller Radha Rani knew it all. For the last time, She cooked in her own hand and served to Ayan Ghosh, and said that as long as he lives, he will not be hungry. She already showed Her own form to Ayan Ghosh & also knew it's time to finish Her Leela. 
Brajabasi Reached Provas
               Arranged troops around, guarding at the four gates like Yamraj Himself stood there, forbidding its entry for someone. Life trembles with fear. Most ordinary residents of Vrindaban were shocked to see this. How they met with their Krishna? At the South door, stood there Nandaraj and Mother Yashoda with their families; Srimati Radha Rani with Her Sakhis stood at the North door, Shepherd boys were at the East door and the rest of Brajabasis were at West door. 
Balaram in anger
                On the other side, to seat on the Yagna, Balaram witnessed everyone except Vrindaban's residents. Then He asked Narad, why the residents of Braja not coming there? Whether you forget to invite them or what? Debarshi replied, as ordered by Narayan, he invited all of the Universe except Vrindaban. In anger, Balaram left the Yagna place and lay-down on the floor of His room. After hearing all the matters, father Basudev asked Krishna, 'why do such that?' In response Lord said, the invitation is for the other persons, not for his own. Don't worry, sure, they will come. This is the matter of how nearest they are? Then elder brother Balaram understood something behind that.
         Meanwhile, as the guards stopped at their doors, the residents of Braja was crying for not letting them in. When Yashoda told the guards, 'your king Krishna is my son', they laughed and thought her a crazy woman. The Guard also responded that 'wait here gave you food and wealth when the Yagna is over'. In fact, Jashoda's torn clothing, random hair, looked like madness. 
                     Seeing no way, with great difficulty, Yashoda started calling loudly Gopal. Once you see your grieving mother, son. When only the word reached the ear, then who kept Sree Krishna? He just started ran with empty feet like crazy. But again stopped. Not in such clothes of King. Tears continued from his eyes. But who dressed me now as my mother? Narad realized and agreed, "I will sort You like Yashoda Ma". That's shepherd boy's dressed, flute in hand, peacock feather in His head, Oh! What a magnificent form, that no one has ever seen in Dwaraka and Mathura. Unseen to everyone, He ran to the four gates  (north, south, east, west) together at a time. This is His magical illusion.
Meet Yashoda and Compare with Mother Devki
Mother Devi and Mother Yashoda
             Seeing Krishna's crazy state, everyone (God, Goddess, Saint, everyone) running behind Him. The Lord went straight up and fell at the foot of mother Jashoda. He bowed to father Nanda. Then he got up straight to Yashoda and tried to breastfeed just like a baby does at the time of hunger. Everyone surprised to see all of this. What type of love? Then Yashoda asked Krishna in a huff, what You said? I am not your mother, your mother is Devki. Look at me Gopal and tell the truth. In the meantime, Mother Devki came and asked then who I am? Am I not the mother of Krishna? Yashoda replied, Ok then start to prove whether you are or I am a mother of Krishna? 
                  My son Krishna stands between us at a distance of 100 yards each, then we started to give Him our breastfeeding. Devki, you start first. But Mother Devki failed, as She never breastfeeds to Sree Krishna where Mother Yashoda passed in Her old age also. God was proving why Vrindavan's love is different from others.
Radha Rani finished Her Leela at Provas
                 On the other side, Satyabhama and Rukmini wanted to visit Radha Rani, why their Lover so attracted by Her, who is now in the wilderness (garden) at Provas. They requested to Lord, we want to see that most floozy Gopi, if She gets angry, you hold on to Her feet and apologize, your soul, the outstanding silver in the Universe, your Radha Rani. As so much request, lastly, Sree Krishna agreed, tomorrow night You both meet with her. But I think you couldn't see Her with your eyes. The very next day Lord told to Lalita Sakhi, about the conversion of Rukmini and Satyabhama with Him. Lalita reached Radha Rani & responded Radhe! how You faced both of them, as they are the queens and so pretty. Once a time Your form was also most glorious & beautiful, but now with this dirty dress, rough hairs, like a most ordinary. Radha Rani gently smiled and replied, Lalita! they never see me in their skinned eyes and also known for you they all belong from my power, as a part of mine. You don't worry about that. 
              The next night, Devi Rukmini and Devi Satyabhama came with Sree Krishna at the Garden to watch. Radha Rani also came but with the power of light (like thousand of Suns and moons lightening together), stood left-side of Sree Krishna, then by attraction She moved to Golakdham with Her Lord, which was unseen to all present there. A few times later, there came eight Sakhis. Devi Rukmini and Satyabhama were speechless to see their forms, their glamours & questioned which was Your's Radha? Narayan Smiled and answered, here all Her servants, Sakhis, She came already and gone forever to Golakdham. Couldn't You find Her? Devi Satyabhama replied I realized something but nothing special. Devi Rukmini said, Seeing the form of Her maids, I also want to be Her maid only.

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