Provas Yagna | প্রভাস যজ্ঞ Part-I

by - January 23, 2020

Brahmadeb & Maharshi Narad 
    • Part - I     : Maharshi Narad went to Vrindaban
    • Part - II   : Maharshi Narad went to Dwaraka, to meet with Krishna, Basudev
    • Part - III : All were present at Pravas Yagna

Part - I

To Unite (couple) Radha Krishna again, Brahmadeb sends Maharshi Narad to Vrindaban
          Once upon a day Brahmadeb himself called Debarshi Narad and told him that it was a long time, Lord Madhusudan (Sree Krishna) has played his Leela at Gokul, Mathura & Dwaraka to empty his own resident Golak Dham. For the curse of Sreedam, Lord Krishna resided to Mathura & Dwaraka left Srimati Radha Rani and His own Vrindaban. But the curse of 100 yrs already passed, still now, Sree Krishna has enjoyed with his family to forget his favourite Vrindaban Dham. On the other hand, without Krishna, in Brajadham, every person's (including birds, animals,) lifelike goes away (like souls are present in lip). Even knowing everything Radha Rani still quiet and live anyhow with her Sakhis (Gopis). Adyashakti Srimati Radha Rani herself holds Trigun (three qualities), Sattwa, Raja, Tama. If she gets angry, the earth will be destroyed completely. No one can live in the universe. So, son, better you go to Vrindaban sharp to couple Radha Krishna again. First, you go to Srimati, then meet with father Nanda and mother Yashoda, rest the Shepherds (Dam, Sridam, Subal, Basudam.....). After that, you go to Dwaraka where Lord Sri Krishna has and remembered him how suffer facing Brajabasi without him. Also, tell that your presence only to unite them (Radha-Krishna) again.
Narad Ready to go to Vrindaban                  
         After hearing the speech of Brahmadeb, Maharshi Narad started to go for Vrindaban, for coupled them again as soon as possible. Narad, as usual, going to Vrindaban with the song of Radhakrishna in his Bina (musical instrument). Everyone's life was blessed who heard the Narad's song. When he was a certain distance from Vrindaban, he astonished which Brajabhumi he saw then, & which Vrindaban is this now? Without Lord, it is now looking like a forest, no flower, no garden, no sound of birds' singing, no sound of bees at the time of honey harvest, no new leaves in the trees, there are no shepherds in the field, cows are nowhere, all are like suffering from pain, like their love, Krishna nowhere in Vrindaban. Even cows have not seen or care for their calves. What more can I say? They all have lived their lives by taking Krishna's name somehow. To see all of this, Narad muni was depressed and minutely said 'what will say to you, Krishna?' - Whoever is your servant, do him a disservice. I don't know what more will be seen after entering the Brajabhumi. That who is your half of the body or soul, Srimati Radha Rani, don't know what is her position now, even I can't imagine. Your father & mother Yashoda, I think they are not in this world more without you. It seems futile to me to come.
          Anyhow, if I can see Radha Rani for a moment, yet my life will be blessed and substantial. To think this he entered the Vrindaban. What a surprise today - Bina is not playing his own tune but the tune of flute, singing Radha's name from himself. Because all the Brajabasi only loved Krishna's flute, their life. After a long time, all the Brajabasi were surprised to hear the flute sound. But they discovered Debarshi Narad as soon, with white-clothed, stacked hair, tall saint (look like running fire) coming to Vrindaban. He holds the Bina but not playing - Bina playing himself with the sound of Radha-Radha. They astonished.
Meet Radha Rani
      Exteriority is zero (no sense) without Krishna, surrounded by many Sakhis (Lalita, Bishakha, Brinda, Dyuti...), whether she is alive or not, sitting quietly with Krishna's feeling. Suddenly after hearing the flute, all Gopi gets consciousness, whether Krishna come-back to Vrindaban. For a moment they all getting crazy with joy. As soon as heard, Brinda sharply went to Kishori, 'Feeling sad is over now, Krishna Chandra has come to you'. Radha Rani replied, "flute tune is true, but are u seen who came'? O Brinda ! this is not my Krishna's flute tune. Tell him to stop, otherwise, it will reverse in action. Maybe Yashomati died when she observed Krishna is not coming, rest of Brajabasi will facing the same situation, Jatila will say maybe Krishna Chandra send someone of His friend to me. Let's go Brinda, and tell him to come quietly.
         After that Narad realized the feeling & came silently to Radha Rani. Seeing Radha's form, Narada is absolutely speechless. Though he saw her at Golakdham, now at Gokul, he feels like extra goodness after seeing Kishori. He bowed to Radha's feet in devotion, lying on the ground. Tears continued from his eyes. As soon as Kishori told, what are you doing, Munibar? After all, I am a  Gopi and you are Saint Devarshi! It would be bad for me. Narad utterly cried and replied, O Mother of the World, Merciful, why forget me? Everywhere you belong, as a form of Mahalaxmi, Durga, Adyashakti Maa Mahamaya, Gouri, Kali, Tara .... and Radha in Golakdham. Why play on your son? Narad started Chanting of Thousand's name of Srimati Radha Rani. There is no time for tears to stop. Seeing Narad's feeling, Radha Rani very much pleased & blessed. Then Radha Rani served food for Debarshi. Jatila-Kutila watching everything. Who is She (her daughter-in-law)? Maharshi Narad himself chanting of Her. Without knowing how much we have committed a crime to Her? 
Meet Nanda Raj & Yashoda Ma       
            Then Narad Muni came to Brajraj Nanda. Seeing Muniraj, Nandaraj bowed to Narad's feet in devotion and asked for his coming. Just Narad questioned to father Nanda, 'How is he?' Soon as heard, Nanda broke into tears. Like fish without water, depressed face, could not loudly speak, the king without blue-diamond Krishna. Blessed king Nanda... Narad said. For what reason, I came now heard. Tomorrow You all will meet your Krishna Chandra. Just hearing, father Nanda stopped his crying. Word of Saint like word of Veda, never be false. When Debarshi stood in front of Yashoda, then he had no knowledge of Veda, Krishna...Krishna........... Ma Yashoda crying loudly then fell on the ground with no sense until anyone called Her. Look Narad, once a day, tied with a rope Krishna, think, for that Lalla forget me. My Krishna, thief of butter, Nani, I owe Him, so He does not come back in anger. Serially told the story of the demons killed, cow-shepherd boys, worship of Debraj Indra, worship of Giri Gobardhan, .............. no end, again senseless. What type of Love, Maharshi Narad never ever has seen. Those feelings if try to describe, there is no end, even my life ended. But at last Yashoda Ma heard the word, "You will meet your Gopal soon."
          Lastly met with the shepherd boys and assured them that soon they will meet or visit their beloved friend Krishna and then Debarshi ready to go to Dwaraka to meet Lord Krishna.

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