Provas Yagna | প্রভাস যজ্ঞ Part-II

by - January 24, 2020

Part - II

Debarshi Narad Came to Dwarakapuri (To Meet with Sree Krishna, Basudev)
               After assuring the residents of Vrindavan, Debarshi Narad sharply came to Dwaraka. He was surprised by looks of Dwarakapuri, the self-created Vishwakarma will crush the pride of Debraj Indra. How can it be described? So beautiful the city, the house, the lake inside, the building like gold with pearls is excellent. The guard sitting at the door was like a Yamraj himself, enemies have not so courage comes from the outside? But for the saints, there was no baron, Narad was very happy to see it. Playing his Bina (musical instrument), to do Harinam kirtan, he immediately entered Dwarkapuri. After entered, Munibar observed there were so many Krishna's children.....someone playing, some dancing etc etc, all were so happy. Suddenly they heard the sound of Bina, at a glance they discovered Maharshi. Some of them run away from afraid to see the Narad Muni, someone spread dust to him, those who are a little older, came closer and laughed at him.
           Anyhow, first went to Basudev (father of Sree Krishna) and talked about Sree Krishna's Leela and spend sometimes with him. Basudev bowed in devotion & Narad told I will come back to you after meeting everyone.         
             Why Debarshi Narad came? Lord understood everything. What is unknown to Him? The Lord sat in a seat with the goddess Rukmini to show Narad the Dwaraka's illusion. Numerous companions (Sakhigans) sat down surrounded Him, some rocked, some laughed, some spoke sweetly. The lord himself lured into the human's Leela. In the meantime, Maharshi came in that place. To see the Munibar, Lord himself worshiped Him and sat on a divine throne, chamar (hand-fan) shaking also. Devi Rukmini and Satyabhama started an arrangement of food for Debarshi Narad in hurry. Narad thought in this great illusion with his family, Lord Krishna will never leave Dwaraka. In the meantime, Sri Krishna asked about Brahma. Rishi Narad replied Bramhadev himself send me to you for a special purpose, which wants to discuss it with You in a secret place. Then Rishi took Krishna inside the room separately. 
Satyabhama & Rukmini Conversation     
            Seeing these, Satyabhama told Devi Rukmini, Didi (elder-sister), make a request to you. Seeing Narad, my heart trembled. Wherever the Narad Muni goes, there is a clash. Devi Rukmini also agreed. Guessing something bad for us waiting. Will we lose Sree Krishna forever? Another thought comes to mind. Vrindavan has visited before Narad Muni came here. It would be difficult to keep the Lord if He listens to that story of Vrindaban. His soul belongs to Radha Rani's life, then somehow forgot because of the curse, what will happen to us when that love awakens? Do you know what caused Narad to come? Will Maharshi go away to Vrindaban with Krishna? Then Devi Rukmini replied to Satyabhama, One who worships, chanting Krishna, He never leaves him/her. We also know nothing but Krishna. Why Lord Krishna will leave us? Don't worry. After listening to it, Devi Satyabhama founded peace of mind.
 Vrindaban as Described by Narad 
          Meanwhile, Narad sat down with Sree Krishna and told Him all the events of Vrindavan. Hey Narayan! it's my humble submission, I went to Vrindavan by order of Brahma. What can be said to You? Losing You, their grief & misery is not like talking about. 
Radha just cries day and night after missing you. The curse of Srimadam is now over. But You forget Sree Krishna. Do you know that if someday Radharani's anger will be started and this world will be destroyed completely? Even You can't save. For this very reason, Brahmadeb himself sending me to couple You again. It was a long-time, without RadhaKrishna, Golakdham is empty. Kindly finish Your human's Leela now. 
          Just after hearing of Radharani, Krishna went silent. Her heart was weeping internally when He heard His Lover's grief. But did not outburst. Seeing the Lord is silent, Narad being continued. Your father and mother utterly crying only day and night for you. There is no end to their crying. Hey Narayan! they will probably be blinded by their weak body. Their only wish Gopal come once, how long we did not see You. How are You? What do You want? Who will feed Khir, Sar, Nani to my Gopal? To say that again in senseless lying on the ground. 
         Just listening to this, Krishna's mind was restless. He Can't hold back tears, but there is no revelation outside. Narad could not understand anything, what was His feeling. So he again started. Hey Giridhari! At your separation, they all ready to jump to Jamuna to die. I comforted that I united them with you again. Somehow I gave up their lives. They have accepted it as the speech of Saint is equality of speech of Veda. Hey, Merciful! Now kindly do something for Brajabasi. How can I unite you all again? Please show me the way, took my heartiest request.           After listening to all the words of Narad Krishna thought internally how do I go to Vrindavan? How do I relieve their suffering?  Left Vrindavan, Radha will never come to Mathura. Again if I go from Dwarka to Vrindavan, all the Dwarka's residents will die. They also too love Krishna with their lives. Then He decided in mind to build a palace in a middle place, where everyone could come. But Sree Krishna didn't say anything. He wants Narada's mind will stir this, and feeling everything out of his mouth. Then Lord started to tell totally opposite feelings.
Sree Krishna Started to Say Opposite Feelings 
           Narad I know how the Brajabasi loves me. Mother Yashoda tied me up for stealing so much, how much I suffered. Crown (peacock feather) of my head is curled up to pull my father's load. Khir, Nani is my favorite, so I used to eat from their (Brajabasis) houses, everyone complained to My mother and owe Me. How much suffering faced in my mind? The shepherd boys used to stand on my shoulder during the play. They gave me always very speedy cows. What could I do then? Now in Dwaraka, how much I enjoyed, sufficient food, no one owe me here. 
           And your Radha Rani, what more can I say about her? One day when I went to the Chandraboli's hut, to know this, in anger Radha did not allow me to enter. In the end, forgiveness was on his feet, but that did not diminish his anger. How much did Sree Hari say in deception? So that the residents of Dwarka did not get suffer. 
Narad Started according to Sree Krishna's Feeling Rises by Himself in Narad's Mind
                 After completed talking, Narayana came again and sat on the throne. The women (Sakhigan) sat surrounded him. Narad decided (as Krishna's thought) after heard everything, in the middle of Vrindaban and Mathura, someplace where united them all. After deeply thinking about this, Narad thought, where is such a holy place without 'Pravas'? -- which is what actually Sree Krishna himself wants.
Proposal of Pravas Yagna by Debarshi Narad
           Narad Said Hey Lord Sree Krishna! has a desire in my mind, on the occasion of Pravas Yagna, to invite everyone in this universe. All the Gods, Gandharbya, Yagkhya, human beings, Brajabasi all will come, then the task will be accomplished. Ok now going to tell Your father Basudev everything. Krishna gives a smile after heard Narad's proposal.

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