Doctor - Salute You (Coronavirus)

by - February 18, 2020

            I read an article in the Newspaper today (18.02.20), wanting to share it with everyone. As we all know, many people in China today suffer from coronavirus & China is almost isolated from all over the world. But this Doctor again proof that humanity is still alive today.
                  As a doctor, he feels it is important to be with patients attacked by the coronavirus. So even his mother's call, without thought anything, he will not come. Amish Vyas, an Indian doctor working in China. His mother is not sad about this, but feel proud of her son who does not listen to her.
            Amish, a Plastic Surgeon, has been in China since 2014. His house is at Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh. Now he lives in Hangzhou, southeast China, with his wife and his daughter. The doctor has been working at a Quarantine Centre in Hangzhou since the coronavirus spread to many parts of China.
               His mother knows of the death toll from coronavirus in China. She has no sleep in worrying about her son and his family. She said to her son to "come back sharply" over the phone. But Amish replied that it is not possible for him to return to India to left attacked patients. He also said that as a doctor, I should not be scared, rather it is the duty to stay for the patients here. Not only his mother, but we also feel proud of Amish, as his humanity and of course as an Indian, salute U Amish.

Worldwide Death-Virus 

Name of Virus            Spread through          Vaccine           Attacked                 Dead

Novel coronavirus          Man to Man        still not discovered       5,50,50,050              15,10,500

Sars (2003)                       Man to Man        still not discovered             8,098                        774

Ebola (2014-16)               Man to Man                  discovered                 28,616                 1,42,300

US Flu (2019-20)            Man to Man                  discovered             1,50,000,00                8200

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