Eternal (Anadi) and Original (Adi)

by - February 01, 2020

ঈশ্বর: পরম: কৃষ্ণ: সচ্চিদানন্দবিগ্রহঃ। 
অনাদিরাদি গোবিন্দ: সর্বকারণ-কারনম ।।
( Iswar: Param: Krishna: Sachchidananda Bigrah:
Anandiradi Gobinda: Sarbakaran-Karanam )
-- Brahmasamhita
              Lord Krishna is the Supreme God, His statute represents Omnipresence, knowledgable, joyful. He is the main reason for all the reasons in this universe - I found this many places or some devotees discuss in their articles. But the meaning of the word 'Anandiradi' ( অনাদিরাদি ), still not clear to me or is not addressed briefly.
         Let's try to understand, the word Adi (আদি) means The Original i.e., have an origin and the word Anadi অনাদি ) means which have No Origin or it's Eternal. Now If Anadi means infinite, eternal, have no origin, no limit, then how can be the word Anadiradi interpreted i.e., what is before infinite or what is before eternal be meant?
            Many things are interpreted or clarified in ambiguous terms in our Scriptures or in our holy books. It is sometimes listening (like Shruti) from a real Spiritual Guru (Master) or a Great Person or from a real Saint, which has no proof but can be felt.
           ভগবানের যত খেলা, সর্বোত্তম নরলীলা
(Bhagabaner Joto Khela, Sarbottama Nara Leela)

            -- means as much as the Leela of God, the best is Human's Leela. Whatever in the universe, the same as in human beings. So He comes in the form of a humanly, again and again, the best creature he has made. Again --

আজ অবধি সেই লীলা করে গৌড় রায় 
কোনো কোনো ভাগ্যবানে বুঝিবারে পায়। 
(Aaj Obodhi sei Leela Kore Gour Ray,
Kono Kono Bhagyabane Bujhibare Pai)

               -- means until today, Leela made by Gaur Sundar, Some lucky personalities may be understood or can be realized. Lord Krishna Ekam O Adwityam! -- Sree Krishna is unique in this universe. He presents in all creatures. 
                 Anadi means those who have no origin. Now, who are we? From where we came and where to go? Anyone can tell? Are we not infinite? Only if we are identified as an Anadi then the word Anadiradi means Lord Govinda or Sree Krishna Himself. Because we all created from Him. Again in the other sense, if we are addressed as Anadi, then our parents are Anadiradi & in this way, they are our real God.

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