Lawrence Gordon Tesler

by - March 01, 2020

                     Lawrence Gordon Tesler, an American computer scientist who worked in human-computer communication was born on April 24, 1945, and died on February 16, 2020, at the age of 74. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He worked in various establishments including XeroxPARC, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon. Once you think about how would our computer life be if there was an absence of  'copy-paste'?
                         Many of those who make life easier every day are not known to the public. The use of computers is vital to our lives, but how many people know Lawrence Gordon Tesler? After his death in the news, everyone in the news source said that he was the inventor of the commands of 'cut', 'copy', 'paste', 'find'  etc., used on the computer. Supernaturalism is often the cause of ignorance; for a generation that has seen the effortless and widespread use of computers, it is unbelievable for a person to have enormous hard work behind its many peaks. Tesler's discovery is important because it has made the lives of billions of computers or any digital device users worldwide. Many would say that labor is so diminished that modern people are becoming lazy. When editing a text in the first place on a computer, it would have to be separated and typed, now by pressing a few buttons on the keyboard, moving it from a specific vocabulary to the moment, or searching for a particular word from a large volume and changing it when needed. Tesler's contribution is to make it easier for the distressed.
             It's not just simplicity. Like all the important innovations, Tesler's work achievements have also grown, which is why he is memorable. The computer was once out of reach of most people. Tesla thinks this device is for every human to use. The shift from a large machine to a 'personal computer' is a turning point, making it 'user-friendly' or revolutionary. That revolution is Tesler's glory. He had made the computer public by eliminating the complexity of having to use one 'process' or 'mode' when writing to the computer before. In the interview, he said that he did not rely on the opinion of computer-experts in this work, he relied more on the opinion of ordinary computer users.

                         It was his main idea that how he would be happy to use his computer if he had any modifications. He also thought of 'cut' and 'paste' when he saw school-children, cutting pictures or text from other places, who were accustomed to pairing school scrapbooks. "Cut" copy "paste" is now a part of life for just computer or smartphone users, and more than anything Tesler has done, which we never thought possible. The fact that it is scientifically determined and established by the computer when it is connected to the mouse, without any difficulty, or the amount of pressure you need to press with a finger on the mouse, is scientifically determined and established. What is practiced by the great scientists of the great aspects of science, but the one who has embraced science, including every day, is also humble to us.

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