Cause of Srimati Radha Rani's Anger (Manbhanjan)?

by - February 09, 2020

 Srimati Radha Rani's anger broken in short
             One day Radha was bathing in the Jamuna with Her Sakhi. At that time, Sree Krishna played the flute, pointing out that Lord Krishna would come to Radha Rani's Kunja (Flower house) at night. Radha Rani, along with Her Sakhis, became restless with joy. All Sakhis decorated the Kunja (Flower house) with various flowers all day long as their beloved would come in the night.
           Meanwhile, passed half of the night came to dawn, but Krishna did not come, Radharani became impatient. Srimati ordered to Vrinda to bring about the news of Krishna. Shortly afterward, Vrindadevi reported that Krishna was in the Kunja (Flower house) of Chandrabali all night, how He comes here? Upon hearing this, Srimati became upset but did not angry. Just before sunrise, Shri Krishna appeared in the Kunja of Srimati Radha Rani in the wake of not being able to sleep. Radharani gets angry when She saw Krishna & She did not want to place Shri Krishna in Her Kunja in any way. During this time, Shri Krishna became desperate to break Radharani's anger. At last, Krishna broke Her anger by apologizing to catch the Radharani's Lotus feet.

Cause of Srimati Radha Rani's Anger
             In general, we think that Radha was angry because Krishna had gone to Chandrabali's Kunja. But Radha Rani knew well that Sree Krishna is the Husband of everyone (Jagatswami) & everyone has the right to receive Him. When everyone had received Him at Rasleela, Radha was not angry ever. So why Radha Rani got angry this time?
                 When Krishna stood up, Radha Rani saw the mark on Krishna's body. Chandravalli hits Her nails on his body of Sree Krishna when she was mad at the time of Milan (sex urge). We keep our Krishna as a flower when He walks, we will allow him to get our chest so that the His foot does not hurt, that Krishna hit by Chandraboli. One who does not know the Krishna Seva, why did Krishna go to her? This is the main reason of Radha Rani's anger. Therefore, it is not possible to get Lord Krishna without Radharani's permission because She alone knows how to serve Krishna.

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