Relation Between Spiritual Master & Disciple

by - February 23, 2020

Spiritual Master "Guru" Means 
                'Gu' means darkness, 'Ru' word means destructive. That is, by removing the darkness of the disciple's heart, show the light of spiritual wisdom, He is called 'Guru'. The real Guru has capable to destroy the ignorance and helps to take people outside the illusion. Just as we do not see faces in the dusty mirror, right that we cannot find or realize the Absolute Brahma (the unknowable) for our ignorance, the one who recognizes this path is called Guru (Spiritual Teacher). If the Guru (spiritual preceptor) is dissatisfied, then God is also displeased. 
                       The Guru is the one who can, directly or indirectly, teach the hymn to remove the darkness of the mind. The masterpiece of Guru is only when he has introduced Lord Govinda to his disciples. There is no proof or evidence of the act of real Guru when you become a normal Guru. Therefore, there is no glory of the Master present alone. The glory of the Guru with whom Lord Krishna is present. The true Guru is the one in whose heart the disciple's wishes and the true disciple is the one who has a devotion for his Master. If the iron does not become gold at the touch of the Sprashamani (the stone once touch with iron converts to gold automatically), then either it is not real Sparshamani or iron is not real iron at all.
                   The turtle lays its eggs in the sand but remembers the eggs itself from the water, and as a result of that remembrance, the eggs hatch. The fish occasionally looks at its eggs in the water, and as a result of looks, the eggs hatch. It is only the same way as remembering such a Guru or in the Guru's grace, the disciple receives proper spiritual knowledge.

                     At the time of initiation, the tongue of the Guru acts as a penis and the disciple's ear acts as the vagina. The mantra works as sperm and in this way newborn happened. Sweet relationship with Guru on the one hand, and on the other hand will cherish like a father.
                    There are two types of human birth. One normal or practical birth process and the other is spiritual. The practical birth is from a parent's sperm. And birth-again from Guru's Mantra called spiritual birth. Dual relations are different. The first birth of a human being on Venus and then born again only after receiving initiation from a spiritual master.
                  There is an invisible bond between the guru and the disciple - which is called a bond of liberation. There is one Guru specific for each disciple and the spiritual master has to carry that disciple forward. The Guru who initiates the disciple has no interest in the Guru's direction. There is only one goal - to deliver the disciple to his proper address (to the lotus feet of God). And that is the only salary of the Guru if disciples are able to reach there.
Symptoms of Honest Guru    
                   Seeing him immediately brings tears to eyes, a touch of his, is a heavenly feeling in the heart. An honest spiritual teacher implies that one who always walks in the right path, always speaks the truth, always worships the Lord, chants the Lord's name, reads, and praises to the Lord, will be willing to donate, guides the appropriate disciple in the same way, never makes more disciples, and above all, he never be behaves like a businessman or politician with any religion matters. He always cares about the good of the world.

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