Relations With God - Judgement

by - February 08, 2020

                Several questions have been raised in mind, so writing, kindly do not take offense. This is my heartiest request to all Vaishnavs. All those who met Brajendranandan Krishna took their own path of relations (any-one). We get there are five emotions. If the relationship is not established with Him, He is unavailable for us. Five emotions are -

  1. Santa (Calm or Quiet), 
  2. Dasya (Maid or Servant), 
  3. Sakhya (Friendship), 
  4. Batsalya (Love of Parental/guardians), 
  5. Madhur (Love, affection of Lover)

1. Santa (Calm)

               Who received Krishna in the knowledge of the Supreme (Paramatma). However, this feeling blends in with the rest four emotions else. If this feeling is absent, the mind is not calm and Lord is unavailable. Sanak, Sananda, Sanatan, Sanatkumar, Garg, and other sages got Sree Krishna this way.
2. Dasya (Maid/Servant)
          Those who call themselves as Krishna's servants. Most devotees are taking this path/emotion. It is also the easiest way/emotion for humans. Veer Hanuman is the extreme among all of Maid devotees.
3. Sakhya (Friend)
               Those who think of themselves as equal to Krishna. Sridam, Sudam, Basudam, Sudama, Subal, Bhim, Arjun - all make relation with God as a friend. If Krishna lost in playing on the field of Brajabhumi, they (shepherds) would rise on Krishna's shoulders. Rise on Shoulders are far away, can human-devotees think about it for them as shepherds?
4. Batsalya (Guardians' Love)
         Those who are thought the elders/guardians of God. They rule over God even sometimes beating and are worshiped by God. Mother Yashoda, Father Nanda, Mother Devki, Father Basudev are such examples. However, many people today have arranged Gopal Seva in their homes. This feeling is good and also this emotion is possible to some extent for humans.
           Here is a question. Which parents bow to their child after serving food to them? Almost every time, witnessing, guardians bow down and worshiped Gopal. What do the Guardians' emotions think of it? Slavery emotion enters into relation. It doesn't seem to have the right relationship. It's come to hear from my Guru, a mother might be baking bread in Vrindavan, who is giving his son bread and then giving the same to Krishna called Lalla! 'take it', just as she gave his son. Although Krishna is nowhere to be seen. There was no practice of worship, bowing or nothing else. This is pure love & affection for Guardians. 
5. Madhur (Lovers' Attachment)
             It is the best in all emotions. In this way, Sree Krishna is not worshiped, He remains as a lover. It's almost rare for humans. If anyone does not understand the path, no edges or targets are seen to him. All emotions are present in it. Srimati Radha Rani, Lalita, Bishaka, Brinda, Dyuti Sakhigans, Mirabai, Chandraboli etc - such are examples for this such emotion or relation.
Few Devotees Among Billions
              Suppose somewhere there is Chanting of God, Sankirtan or Bhagwat lessons are going on, it is seen that some people drive by the side, pass on a motorcycle or bicycle, the name of the Lord does not enter his ears, it seems as nothing is happening there. Some people stand up and greet from a distance with one hand, do not come near. Some people come forward, bow with their hands, but do not sit. Some of them else come up, sitting and bowing, but not listening to Kirtan or Bhagavat, thinking of themselves, discussing other things with the person next to them. Again there are few peoples who come, sit, bowing & listen to the kirtan and tears comes to the eyes with the name of Sree Krishna.
                   The number of genuine devotees a few in the billions. Generally, those who do not stand, or by-passes, the name of God does not enter their ears, or who stand at a distance and bow with one hand, are guilty, according to Vaishnavism. But in fact, God has closed their ears, they have not had the right time, so the name of God does not enter their ears. But sitting down to read Bhagwat, speaking less about God, the reader more and more are talking about such people. Has Lord given us the right to judge? There are few devotees among the billion of people who are associated with God with some kind of relationship or emotion.

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