Relations : Spirituality | Miracles | Black Magic

by - February 26, 2020

Spirituality Means
                      Spirituality does not mean special practice. It is a way of life. When you get there, there's a lot to do. A shrub or small plant must first take care of much, then grow flowers, fruits, and shade. In the same way, if you specifically attend to your body, mind, emotions, energy, then something else will blossom in you - that is spirituality. As long as you have a discerning mind, it looks at everything in doubt.
                   Spirituality is an experience of feeling, which influences the conscious mind. There is a slight difference in the sense of spirituality depending on religion and philosophy. There are also many similarities. As I am not a part of my body or whole body myself. I don't even have this mind. So who am I? I am a soul, experienced in this worldly life through body and mind. This soul has a weight that is proven by research. Our soul is like a silent observer. The relation of the body with the soul, the relation of the feeling to the mind, is that spirituality is all that is taught. And whoever received this teaching is spiritual.
                  If you want to know the source or process of life, then do you believe that the nearest thing to your creation is your own body? The creator has captured himself in this body. Don't let it catch your eye. If you find the source of creation within yourself, that means you are spiritual.
Miracles Means
              A miracle is an occurrence not explainable by laws of nature or of science. A supernatural being (God or Goddess), a miracle worker, a sage or saint, or a religious leader may be attributed to such an event.
                    From the definition, it is clear that a miracle is not possible by any normal human being. There are so many planets are, how floating in space? the solar system is under the influence of some invisible force, who can describe properly about the space galaxy? The soul, we are alive as long as it is in the body, and dead if not. How is the river-water or seawater floating in space? These are the real miracles of supernatural powers.
Black Magic Means
                  Black magic or dark magic is a kind of practice that is done to harm others or to achieve one's own interests. It is the association of superhuman and evil forces. Black magic is usually done by superhuman powers. However, many say it uses ghosts, spirits or souls. That is, it can be said that with black magic, ghosts, souls can be used to work with them. Those who practice black magic are called black magicians.
Difference between Magic and Black Magic
                     First of all, both are used for commercial and self-interest purposes only. Magic is nothing but tricks. Sometimes use tricks of the hand, sometimes through the techniques of the work where shown (stage), and sometimes through hypnosis. The magicians admit that.
                    But in the black magic, there is a mixture of tricks (magic), pishogue, fire, wine, oil, vermilion, skull, bone of dead persons or animals and so many things. Sometimes they use chemicals (with the use of science) to show some tricks. Actually, they live to sell their word of mouth. In creepy places like cremation, it creates a somewhat scary environment. So that people are scared. These places are more crowded with fearful and superstitious people. At last, they sell the tree roots, amulets or mantras-water for money. Black magicians earned money in this way and normal magicians earned to perform on stage.
Actual relations of Spirituality, Miracles & Black Magic 
                      Simply according to me, there is no such internal relation between spirituality, miracles and black magic. But something which occasionally misleads our eyes.

  • First, Miracles - It is just an act of God, no human activities are involved in it. But one who spiritual himself (real spiritual masters, saints, sages) can realize or feel the miracle activities. Maybe God can miracles something through the real saints or spiritual Guru.
  • The saint who can only do black magic for much greed. Though It doesn't last long. Examples of this can be heard often, about how they got caught.
                      The main thing is our mind. The mind can move around the world sit at home. When he thinks everything is ok, he is healthy, and when thinks he is sick, he gets sick day after day. An immune power always works in our minds. Many patients get better after hearing the doctor's name. By entering the light of knowledge, superstition is removed. The city is more educated, so these black magic can be seen more in the little village. But there is one thing, the tree or roots of tree has its own character, it gives us benefits if it is attached to the body when it is handcuffed, the metal has its own activity, the body can be good if it is attached to the metal body of amulets, but magic or black magic has no contribution in it.

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