Devastated Earth - What To Do ?

by - March 30, 2020

                         There is no point in saying after seeing the death toll by the bite of the deadly virus (COVID-19) all over the world. The mind is just heavy. How helpless are people all over the world today? About 201 countries, including the United States, UK, Italy, Iran, Germany, Spain, China, India, and who not? Everyone is in danger nowadays. The number of deaths and the number of infected people if I say today never match with the very next morning's figure. Who knows where the end will stand? Who can be blamed for this condition of the entire human race? Thousands of people are dying every day maybe for some people's bad experiments, some people's negligence, some people's arrogance or maybe from some wrong decisions. The situation is so bad that for some countries all are out of control. Our situation in India will be worse if not controlled immediately. Because of people's density. About 445 people (per sq. km) compare to China (145), Italy (60), America (80) etc. Think how danger for India if spread it. Maybe no country can or will not give accurate figures. But according to mobile companies, their previous customer and running customer base will be much clearer. Much or less is known to everyone about the devastating earth today. So what is more about this? Let's find some survival supplies. Please don't think about it as laughter.
Subtle/Fine thinking
                      Lord Krishna is unique not only in this world but in the Universe. Whatsoever we called Him in just different names God, Khoda, or Bhagwan/Iswar. He belongs in everything in this Universe that is in animate or inanimate. Everything created from Him & at last will disappear again to Him (just transformation of souls). He himself as a thief, again He is a policeman, He is a patient, again He himself as a doctor, He is a misdemeanor and again He himself as a saint. He has been playing with himself ever since. Thakur Ramakrishna Paramhansadev said that the water of the river is different until in different containers, but if the containers are broken, the water is mixed in the river and then who can be distinguished? We are like that. As long as the soul is in this body, we are different. The day the soul will come out, will be mixed in that place from where it came. God has always shown the difference between good and evil through various scriptures. He has always commanded us to speak the truth, to walk in the right way. Otherwise, we have to suffer from our actions. 
                     Why I said the above, in fact, we almost forget the reality for illusion. Like the faces are not seen in the mirror with dust, the mind with dust (greed, arrogance, anger) cannot be understood the reality. Is human life was created in this world to destroy human beings, human civilization, and nature !! Surrounding today, the smell of war and ammo. The aggressive policy that the big countries of the world have taken today to establish themselves or to dominate the world will make our beautiful earth feel no longer beautiful and neither will we. This is probably the victory of the modern science of the present well-educated society. Because today we have all the various destructive weapons in our hands. And whoever has, the bigger he is. There is unrest all over the world - somewhere for oil, somewhere extremists, somewhere occupying the country, in trading somewhere and of course the political issue somewhere. 
                   Different nuclear weapons tests, deforestation, fire in the forest, factory emissions, unmanaged vehicle fumes, the way we are so cruel to nature - need to have a limit. See, in the days of lock-down, nature is laughing, O2 has risen in air, CO2, N, S gas has dropped & animals, birds have returned to their lives.

What To Do?
                       Now the question is we, the general people understand a lot, but what can we do? Take a subtle look, who invented this virus, who blamed for their negligence, again risking their lives to save the affected people, standing in the front row fighting - the doctors, nurses, medical boys,  who are they, and who are we? - the same person (soul), just in different containers.
                So today we need a lot of devotion and faith. Because nowadays we are really helpless even the doctors also (as they have no anti-dose in their hands). The trust that immune power can save us and this power One who can give is no one but God himself. You may accept or maybe not. 
                       After lock-down all around the world, what are we doing at home? After all the work of the day, let's call Him (God) out for some time and praise him. Whatever the way, whatever the language, chanting His name. Let the doctors-nurses do their job, we do our jobs. Pray for this world to be beautiful again. 

                                                                                      ------ At last - Stay Home Stay Safe.

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