Final Achievement Theory-Mahaprabhu & Ramananda

by - March 05, 2020

Met Ramananda in the shore of Godavari
                    Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Leela is deepest as compare to the sea. So it is not understandable to the common people. Even though Mahaprabhu taught human beings through his conduct as an ideal teacher, his teachings have become more straight forward in the medium of his inward councils. Shri Ramanand Ray (earlier Vishakha Sakhi, conversely Lalita) was the most intimate of all his followers. Through him, he has revealed the deepest theory of his teaching. The true nature of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has been revealed to everyone by the influence of His mercy. After taking up the asceticism, when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu traveled in South India, he met Sri Ramananda Ray on the banks of the river Godavari. 
                   With a heart full of joy, Mahaprabhu embraced Ramananda Ray (earlier Vishakha Sakhi, conversely Lalita). In the courts of love, the Lord and the servant fell unconscious. In both their bodies, thrill, tremor, tears, sweat, blush, fade, etc. the name "Krishna" started to be uttered in the mouth. Everyone in attendance wondered why this wonderful monk had thus become embroiled in love by embracing a prince, and why he had fallen in love with each other. On that day, they both no longer expressed the deep feelings of their hearts in front of the people present there.
                They met again that evening in the deserted shore of Godavari. As a teacher in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Shri Krishna taught Arjuna Vedic theology as a teacher. On the bank of Godavari, Srikrishna Himself as a form of Srikrishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu began to question to Ramananda. The Mahaprabhu ordered, "Ramananda composes the final achievement theory (Saddhya Sadhan Tatwa) of life and recites a verse from the scriptures."
Ray Ramananda Started -

1. “স্বধর্মাচরণে বিষ্ণুভক্তি হয়” (Swadharmacharane Vishnubhakti Hoy) - Means "Vishnu Bhakti (devote) create from self-righteousness," i.e., if one performs his social position's prescribed duties, he would awaken his original consciousness of Lord Vishnu. Mahaprabhu said, "This is external. You had better tell Me of some other." Ramananda then responded - 

2. “কৃষ্ণে কর্মার্পণ” সর্বসাধ্য সার (Krishne Karmarpan SarbaSadhya Sar) - Means "Whatever you do, what you eat, what you burn (Firework dedicated to God), what you give, and all that you give, give Me (Krishna). "The meaning of all happiness is to give Krishna the results of one's actions." This is outside as well, said Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. "Please go ahead and talk further on this matter." Then Ramananda told -

3. “স্বধর্ম ত্যাগই সাধ্যসার” (Swadharma Tyag Sadhya Sar) - Means if you abandon all religions and just follow Me (God), then I will free you from all sin. You don't mourn for anything. But again Mahaprabhu Said, "This is external, tell me furthermore." Ramananda told then - 

4. “জ্ঞানমিশ্রা ভক্তি–সাধ্যসার” (Gyan Mishra Bhakti Sadhya Sar) - Means when the soul is enlightened by the practice of knowledge in the form of Brahma (Universe), the human being is completely relieved of grief and desire, and then he is saved. But Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu could not accept this devotion by the knowledge as a final goal. He said, "Eh, it's also out side" - tell me more. Then Ray replied -
Ramananda & Mahaprabhu

5. “জ্ঞানশূন্য ভক্তি–সাধ্যসার” (Gyan Sunya Bhakti Sadhya Sar) - Means "Knowledgeless Devotion - final opportunity." The essence of perfection is pure devotional service without any touch of the speculative awareness or knowledge." For the first time, Chaitanyadeb said, "This is right - but not last goal, acknowledge me furthermore." Then Ramananda entered how to build up relations with God.

6. "প্রেমভক্তি সর্ব-সাধ্যসার” (Prem Bhakti SarbaSadhya Sar) - Means "Ecstatic affection/love for Godhead's Supreme Personality is the root of all goodness."  Listening to the point of unconditional affection, Mahaprabhu said, "This is fine but if you know more, please know Me." Ray Ramananda responded then -

7. “দাস্য-প্রেম সর্ব-সাধ্যসার” (Dasya Prem Sarba Sadhya Sar) - Means "Slavery-love is the best achievement." Hearing this from Ramananda Ray, the Lord replied "This is fine & asked him once again to go one step further. In reply, Ramananda Ray said - 

8. “সখ্য-প্রেম–সর্ব-সাধ্যসার” (Sakhya Prem SarbaSadhya Sar) Means "Friendship-love with God is the highest goal." Now Lord told for the first time, "This statement is great, but please go even further." Ramananda Ray then started -

9. “বাৎসল্য-প্রেম–সর্ব-সাধ্যসার” (Batsalya Prem SarbaSadhya Sar) - Means "The highest perfection stage is loving service to the Lord in the parental relationship." Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu again uttered, "This is also great, but I want to know more." Lastly, Ray Ramananda said with tears - 

10. “কান্তভাব প্রেম-সর্বসাধ্য সার" (Kanta Prem SarbaSadhya Sar) - Means conjugal attachment with Lord is the extreme goal of devotional life. Though it is not possible for normal human beings (exceptional for Gopis and Srimati Radha Rani). In the form of Conjugal attachment with God, these four qualities [Santya (quiet loving), Dasya (Slavery), Sakkhya (Friendship), Batsalya (Parental)] of honey juice are highly sweetened by shrinkage.

             Now Mahaprabhu said, "This sweet juice of sweet love is the ultimate limit. But after that, if anything, please tell me - Ramananda". Ramananda Roy replied, "I did not know that there was anyone in this world who could ask if there was anything else after it. An understanding devotee can understand the perfect meaning of it. In fact, Lord Chaitanyadeb had taught us through Ray Ramananda how to slowly climb the stair by stair to the roof of God's love.

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