Yet Return of Hope and Humanity

by - March 22, 2020

                     Presently, the world is in a deep critical situation. Today, around 177 countries around the world are affected by Coronavirus. About 4,10,60,000 people have been infected, of which near about 10,05,800 have died already. COVID-19 originates, no matter whether from laboratory tests or spread from animals or by natural (time will be said), the entire human race is in danger today. Although tests are being conducted around the world with its Anti-dose discovery. Pray to God this fatal problem may be solved very soon.
Corona-Virus Like A Reset Button
                          In the famous Canal of Venice, the water has become shockingly clean, playing dolphins, because the 'Gondola' is almost never going on, and there are no tourists, who will wade waste into the water every day. The swans and the fishes are coming back. Came to hear, this scene is now seen all over Italy, & also even duck is seen in the fountains of Rome. Whether or not the pollution is reduced greatly & the sky is clear in China. In fact, people are sitting at home, not gazing outward, nature is leaving a little stare. It feels so oppressive to nature, no one does it except human beings. 
                    In this regard, the common people have not been understood even today. No matter what, most people do not care. For their own benefit & personal pleasure, people are polluting the environment. Deforestation continues, even using plastic today, leaving buses or trains for office, driving private cars to show their status, nothing less. 
                          But this time to save their lives (own-interest), people have covered their faces for sometimes. As a result, many more are living for it. Especially the innocent creatures who were somehow endangered. Humans may have faced a very bad financial crisis in the coming days, but instead, they will return to a cleaner environment - and yet its a hope.
                    On the other hand, the doctors, nurses today standing in the front row and caring for patients at the risk of their own lives, were also occasionally attacked by the relatives of the patients. They are also people, they have their families, and even some doctors have already died for COVID-19, but they never come-back from their duties and responsibilities. So before hitting them in the future, think if they don't work today, where we, the common people stand?

                     All the bad ones have some good aspects. Even in the worst of times,  see the good aspects of Corona-affected human civilization. The lockdown has greatly reduced the level of environmental pollution, dolphins have been seen again over the sea in Mumbai (India), the migrated birds are coming back, the glaciers have less melted & people are now time spent for their own family.
                    Nuclear bombs, fighting raffle aircraft, various missiles are very straightforward easy to kill people, but the heroes of all countries today realize that the difficult task of saving those people's lives. All the year, provocative political leaders are self-quarantined, the real leaders & original heroes have led the people today. No one is talking about beating a doctor, wishing for a doctor's well-being. Women are much safer today, wasted money with two hands are happy to live today with minimal things. Death is cruel, there is nothing better than life. So today the world looks very strange.

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