Husband-Wife Relationship

by - March 06, 2020

                      My marital life experience at the moment is 18 years. We were in a relationship for 10 years before we got married. I want to share with every one of some personal thoughts and experiences of togetherness attachment. Although everyone's life experiences are different from one another. But some common factors are present in every true relationship.
This is one relationship that needs both partners to work hard to make it solid and keep it going. But not every time we are clear how to improve the relationship between husband and wife. All discussion here should be based on true love partners only.
                  It is tempting or attractive to look at someone, even may temporarily. If you can't find a way to talk to the person, then that relationship doesn't last long. Physical attraction is transient. In order to get to know each other better and to live together in the future, the husband/wife should be comfortable with each other.
              To know each other and each other's family also. Marriage is a social institution where you are not only embracing your spouse but also your relationship with each other's family. It should not be the case that only women should see their mother-in-law, father-in-law, and relatives but the men also. For any suspicious person, both (Husband-wife) should be identified and clearly understand how to manage in the future.
                To connect with one another, to be honest, and open, to make compromises with one another, to rekindle the passion in your relationship, never tell lie, always try to understand one another's a necessity. Besides all these, there are also so many reasons and essentials, the description of which is not to be finished. But which is unavoidable, must be first understood & which is natural. I believe that if anyone can understand and accept from heart, life will be much happier.

Some Common Effects
                 Love-life is a bit like the word 'W'. Love starts from the peak, then slowly goes down & up-down a bit to perform duties, earnings, work pressure, responsibilities. Then the children are made to be human beings, and parents go on to establish them. Once all the duties & responsibilities are finished, love again reaches the top position for each other.
                    It is important to understand that women and men are different in nature. Where men's happiness is subjective and there women's happiness is sheltered. Again men always take decisions logically, where women make decisions emotionally in maximum time. This is just like a rail-track.
                  I don't want to raise much. In short, let me just say one thing, one partner to give little compliments for his/her lover; whose wrong anyhow, just say I am sorry for his/her partner, and I believe there is no alternative medicine than say I Love You.
                   Lockdown around the world today. Everyone is home detained. Several incidents are heard about the relationship. Some are good and some are bad. A number of divorce cases are being heard or reported throughout the world. It sounds a bit strange. Retiring from a busy career, some people have forgotten to make love. Although many people are very good with their family members even in these times of distress.

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