The coldest city of the North Pole is boiling in the heat Verkhoyansk

by - June 23, 2020

                     At this time of year, the maximum temperature is usually 20 degrees Celsius. The city - Verkhoyansk in the North Pole broke all records in the last week. The temperature was 38 degrees Celsius.

                 At first, this statistic is being viewed with a little skepticism. Maybe there was some problem in the instrument, but the next day the temperature was 35 degrees. Seeing this temperature record, scientists and environmentalists were becoming worried.

            The city of Verkhoyansk, about 4,800 kilometers from Moscow, is one of the coolest areas in the North Pole. In winter, the temperature here becomes minus 50 degrees. Due to this extreme weather, the number of people in the city is low (about 1300). Now the people there are suffering due to this sudden rise in temperature. Scientists say ice is melting at the North Pole much faster than in other parts of the world, due to global warming.

                    The Italian Presena Glacier is also melting ice for global warming. About one-third of this glacier has melted since 1913. This time it was decided to cover the glacier with a special type of triple (plastic paper) to save it. About three hundred and fifty meters of triple stitched & used to cover and sandbags on it, so that sunlight does not enter the glacier directly and melt the ice.

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