Suicide is not a solution ever

by - June 29, 2020

                     Psychiatrists, however, always say that if there is a problem or deprivation in life, the way to get rid of it is never suicide. If you are suffering from depression or exhaustion, it is desirable to talk to your loved ones or get out of it with the help of a doctor.


                   The number of people suffering from loneliness, financial problems, and various forms of depression in society is not a small number today. The talented boy does not get expected results, loss in business, a lot of debt, not getting a job even after a good education, personal life, or family unrest etc. - people try to commit suicide for such various reasons.

            Statistics show that young people have the highest suicide rate. Depression is considered to be one of the main causes. 70 percent of suicides are due to mental illness. Depression is another very important issue. People feel helpless. He has no love for life. There is also a difficult mental illness called schizophrenia. However, if depression can be prevented, then the tendency to commit suicide can be prevented a lot.

Covid-19 Effects

                Experts believe that not only economic reasons, but also the recent increase in suicides due to Corona in the world-wide. Fear of surviving the virus has made people helpless, isolation has left people lonely, spreading from one's family to someone else's, loneliness, financial insecurity, loss of work for lockdown, the uncertainty of the future, as well as natural disasters in many places - all these causes the trend of suicide is increasing day by day.

Way of Solution

"Winners Never Quit" 

  • Life is really big. There is a lot to do. There is a lot to know. There is a world beyond social networks. Talk to others. You have to connect a lot more with everyone. You can chat with virtual friends. But family and friends in touch are more important. You have to find a job of your choice and enjoy it. Understand that there are many people around us who are in more trouble than I am/you are. Try to join at family events.
  • Success-failure, good-evil are all part of this life. In turn, everything comes back to life. Confidence over time & be patient. Remember, much deeper the night indicates much closer the morning comes. For someone, it is good early and for someone it is late. So you have to open/free your mind to the person you trust. If there is no such person, you have to go to psychologists. No one like me can stop it, this word has to be associated with life.
  • About Covid-19Although isolated physically in isolation, family members need to be very close to each other mentally. Finding everyone on a regular basis & if necessary, sharing everything with many on social media, exchanging information, accompanying children, increasing contact with older people.
  • Come and talk about depression. You have to express and share your feelings. If I'm helpless, let's talk to someone and see if there is a solution. It can't be a job to finish myself/yourself without doing anything.
  • Need to exercise a little. Exercise, pranayama, jogging creates a chemical in the head, which creates happiness in the body. It will reduce many diseases, reduce high blood pressure and diabetes, there will be no arthritis, there will be less heart disease & will be an encouragement in all activities.

Lastly - having faith in God. Life is God's best gift. To end himself/herself's life is utter foolishness and a great sin.           

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