Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s Communism

by - July 25, 2020

               At the very beginning, at the feet of those Vaisnavas, Devotees, Kirtaniyas, I bow hundreds of millions of prostrations & by them the Name, Kirtan and Preaching of Mahaprabhu have been going on all over the world for ages.

              It is not that the atheist party did or does not protest, but it has not been able to remove or erase that absolute belief from the hearts of the devotees since the time of Mahaprabhu till today. Because of this belief, the boundless joy that the devotees can feel in their hearts is not felt by the protesting parties. Whose mouth has become sweet after eating sugar, can he be told that sugar is salty? Millions of people, overwhelmed by the love of the Lord Chaitanya, dance and sing with their arms outstretched day after day, mile after mile, they can taste its extract juice. At the feet of like these Devotees & Vaishnavas, slave-like my bow to a hundred and thousand.

                 So much compassion for the living world, so much pain for the fallen people, so many sacrifices for the welfare of the living, when and where has such aloofness been seen in anyone's life except Mahaprabhu? Judging from the point of view of the common man, even though Sri Gouranga's theory of God was not accepted, but his unique superhuman being could not be denied. He stood up fearlessly against the filth and injustice of the society of his time, the oppression and injustice of the then Princes. 

                On that day, he not only organized many weak, innocent men and women against the strong and oppressive monarchy but also established the great principles and ideals of equality, friendship and brotherhood by breaking the vested interests of the then so-called leaders and guardians of society. His anti-ruling movement, not only because he was born as a Hindu and narrowly interested, but also because of his endless sense of responsibility towards human society as a well-meaning person. That is why he was able to break the artificial wall of man to man, Brahmin (upper caste) - Chandal (lower caste), even Hindu-Muslim division and also bind everyone in the embrace of love and today that love is flooding all over the world.

                The people of the lower lineage are better than the people of the upper lineage without devotion to God - this strange message of equality has never been uttered before. Today, however, caste and caste segregation and oppression still exist in many parts of India. In many states of India, it is the politics of elections; even nominations are still controlled by individuals and castes. If society has become like this in this decade of science-age, then one can imagine what a terrible state it was about 550 years ago. He not only fought against caste but also proclaimed the equal rights of neglected women over men.

                  Pure nationalist people, who do not understand or look at so much for love, devotion, or spirituality, have also seen in their judgment that Sri Krishna Chaitanya was enriched by the voice of that Bharat-Atma. “When you have a rare human birth on Indian soil, be blessed by devoting that birth to the cause of charity” - His words are the manifestation of his love for the country. In fact, this country was not a collection of soil, rocks, or trees for him, this motherland is an eternal entity to him. Bleeding barefoot, after taking asceticism to save lives, the traveler Sri Chaitanya's trip to India is in fact the self-examination of a great patriot. As a preacher of liberal humanism based on equality, love, friendship, he wanted to awaken all Indians in a great sense of unity.

                   Why only India, the rich and powerful countries of today's turbulent world boasting of wealth and power are slowly taking refuge at the feet of Mahaprabhu. Because without the realization of theology, there is no possibility of liberation from the flames of the world.

Hare Krishna ...........

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