COVID -19 Treatment and Trade Connection

by - August 26, 2020


                      In the last 25 years, the AIDS vaccine has not been released, the Dengue vaccine has not been released yet - though these are all RNA viruses. But researchers around the world and companies investing in their research are determined that the corona vaccine is coming out very soon. Some have decided the day also. The science that is going on to awaken science with Corona Pandemic is falling a little less.


                   From the very beginning attack of COVID -19, most of the countries of the world have accepted lockdown as a tool to deal with this pandemic. Although the results of the lockdown are controversial. The longer the lockdown lasts, the more the Corona infections. The first claim is that Corona will disappear in three weeks. It was then said that at the end of May, then July would again be the most contagious ever in September. Although these predictions did not match anything special.

                 Many countries did not follow the path of lockdown. But their condition is not too bad. Research on coronary artery disease has shown ambiguity in the data, and the theory of group transmission has been rejected. What is the need for half-truth in the practice of science?

                  In addition to the physical distance and lockdown policy, WHO specifically mentions another method of dealing with COVID-19 i.e., Test Test & Test and Contact Tracing. But when the number of patients is increasing at a huge rate, what is the result of this policy around the world? Sri Lanka and Japan, the two least tested countries per 1 million population, have the lowest mortality rates. If there is an epidemic, the number of influenza patients in that country will increase, call that COVID or not.

            From the very beginning of this epidemic, one thing has been specially propagated, COVID-19 is more affected by the lack of immunity. Every human body generally has an immune system. Unnecessary exacerbations can lead to adverse reactions to various medications or foods - medically called hyper-immune or hyper-inflammatory response - which can often lead to death. Although those drugs or food is good for business. Yet still to come the details of Herd immunity in the days ahead.

                    In India, we thought that once COVID-19 enters a slum, it will spread like wildfire, where it is very difficult to maintain the physical distance. But in reality, no such evidence was found. Ultimately, Coronavirus has a high risk of infection but a low risk of death, so please don't create fearing and disease-fighting climate though it is good for medical business purposes.

Minimum Precaution

  1. Clean your hands frequently and thoroughly with a hand rub based on alcohol, or wash them with soap and water to destroy viruses that can be on hands.
  2. Maintain a distance of at least three feet between yourself and others. The affected person may spray tiny liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain viruses when someone coughs, sneezes or talks. If you're too close, if the person has the disease, you can breathe in the droplets like the COVID-19 virus or other viruses.
  3. Stop going to overcrowded places. You are more likely to come into direct touch with someone who has COVID-19 where people come together in crowds.
  4. Stop rubbing eyes, your nose & mouth. Many surfaces are handled by hands and can take viruses. When infected, the virus can be transmitted to your eyes, nose or mouth by hand. The virus can penetrate your body from there and can harm you.
Eat unpasteurized, nutritious food daily

             Eat fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, nuts & whole grains (e.g. unprocessed maize, millet, oats, wheat, brown rice or starchy tubers or roots such as potatoes, yams, taro or cassava), and animal products (meat, fish, eggs & milk).

* But should take special care for heart patients, hypertension patients, cancer patients, sugar patients, dialysis patients etc., otherwise it is very dangerous for their lives but not for normal human lives who have already immune power in their body. Currently, the number of asymptomatic patients is much higher than the number of symptomatic patients because the corona is not able to do any harm due to high immune power.

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