US Researchers' Demand - COVID can be killed (American Journal of Infection Control)

by - September 22, 2020


              Not just vaccines. Ultraviolet rays can also become a 'Life-giving Medicine' of corona eradication. A team of US researchers has found such an alternative way to save from the epidemic. There is no risk of inventing a vaccine. There are no side effects of vaccination. Bigger than that, there is no harm in spending a lot ofmoney. Just need a little touch of ultraviolet light. And by this may break the 'poison teeth of COVID-19'. In the language of medicine, this medical procedure is called 'UV radiation'. There is also a great success in applying special doses. That is the claim of the researchers.

        The general public is afraid of ultraviolet rays. However, there is no fear in its application to corona treatment. The researchers said. They claim that these ultraviolet rays have no side effects. Not even the slightest effect on the skin of the human body. This ray is very good at eliminating the invisible enemy from behind. The new study was recently published in The American Journal of Infection Control.

             UV radiation is not a new term in medicine. There is widespread use of the virus as a strategy. Before the outbreak of Covid-19, it was possible to neutralize the seasonal SARS virus with 222-nanometer long ultraviolet rays (FAR-UVC). There are many similarities between that virus and the structure of SARS-COV-2 virus. However, the application of UV radiation at the beginning of Corona treatment did not bring success in the previous formula. But the researchers did not give up. They focus on discovering more effective rays. That's when 'Ultraviolet-C' comes in hand after a lot of cuts. The research paper said, "This new ray with a wavelength of 222 nanometers is not harmful at all. It is capable of eradicating the virus without causing any sores on the eyes or skin.’

          Why are researchers so sure? They said the extra effectiveness of ultraviolet rays came to seen only after laboratory tests. In their research, they chose a 100 microlitre solution containing corona-virus. With a 9 cm sterile polystyrene plate. The liquid is first placed in a special bio-safety cabinet. It is dried at room temperature. In the last step, the researchers introduced radiation through a UV-C lamp at a height of 24 cm above the plate. They are surprised to see the test results! It can be seen that 99.7 percent of the COVID virus has been destroyed in just 22 seconds of radiation! Researchers are convinced that this ultraviolet ray has no effect on human cells. However, they want to wait a few more days before making a final decision on the matter. Because testing the four walls of the lab is not enough. It is also very important to check the effectiveness of radiation on the human body. If that test is successful, it is believed that the new path to cure COVID can be completely opened. And in that hope, the researchers want to include a person with COVID as soon as possible.

Good to Know 

            Sunlight contains three types of ultraviolet rays. The first one is ultraviolet (UVA) long-wave rays, which are the most radiation touching the surface of the earth from the sun's rays. It can penetrate deep into the skin and is known to be the source of skin aging by 80 percent.
               The second category is medium-wave ultraviolet (UVB), which can damage the human skin's DNA, cause sunburn, and ultimately cause cancer of the skin. Long-wave and medium-wave UV are considered to be toxic to the human body, and most good-quality sunscreens are immune to both.
            The third one is ultraviolet short-wave (UVC), which is a portion of the spectrum that is somewhat unknown. It is made up of shorter light wavelengths that are more energetic. If it is humans or virus particles, it is especially effective at killing genetic material. Interestingly, many of us are unlikely to be exposed to short-wave UV, since short-wave UV is absorbed by the global atmospheric ozone layer before it enters human skin.
          The reality is that, at least, scientists have found that certain microorganisms can be killed by the use of short-wave UV. Since the discovery of short-wave UV in 1878-79, artificially produced short-wave UV has become a major disinfection technique and is used in hospitals, aircraft, offices & disinfection facilities in everyday life.
           It is important that short-wave UV can be used for drinking water disinfection purposes. Some parasites are immune to chemical disinfectants like chlorine, so it is more important to use short-wave UV sterilization.

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