UN Speech 2020 - India Vs. Pakistan

by - September 26, 2020

              Kashmir Kashmir and Kashmir ..... the same issue even after 73 years of independence. In fact, Kashmir is a golden egg-laying duck. By showing Kashmir, Pakistan runs the country by borrowing from all over the world - and which stealing by leaders and military officers, there is no way to save this country economically. So this time they decided to keep the Kashmir issue, but later on, they have to say something good first to get attention in the UN. Because, in this time, they have no such interest in raising the issue of Kashmir from the very beginning, as no one else in the world has much interest, again if they do not discuss about Kashmir issue, then they will have to die at the hands of the fundamentalists of their own country. So Mr. Khan first started saying some good things - such as how the Corona war in the country, some progressive thinking, the California-Australia wildfire, the flood situation in the world, and so on. Soon after, he started his original speech about India, the main enemy! 
            Needless to say, in that meeting, any Prime Minister or any Embassy of a country does not discuss any religion or what is in the religion or do they speak about Hindu, Muslim or Christian etc. But Imran Khan is not the only person who makes this mistake, he is a Muslim, his prophet etc., and will keep the contract of Islamophobia in the world. Listening to his speech, it seems that he has come for a religious meeting.     
            Pakistani P.M. Imran Khan named the Hindu-nationalist Govt. of India a supporter of hate and bigotry towards Islam in a speech to the United Nations while opposing its attempts to cement control of Muslim-majority Kashmir. Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly. Mr. Khan said that Islamophobia prevails today in India and threatens the nearly 20 crore Muslims living there. The only country in the world today where Islamophobia is funded by the regime, regret to say, is India. Khan said in a reported speech to the UN, which is being kept practically in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, that the reason behind this is the RSS ideology that unfortunately dominates India today. They think that India is Hindus-exclusive and that others are not equal people.  Mr. Khan had repeatedly criticized India's Govt's decision last August to strip Jammu and Kashmir of their statehood, revoke their separate constitution, and withdraw inherited land and employment safeguards.
                The province of Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan, which have battled two wars over the area while claiming the entire state.
"Until the J&K conflict is solved on the basis of international recognition, there will be no permanent peace and harmony in South Asia," Khan said, calling for a negotiated settlement and renouncing India's August 5 move.
            Heavily militarized Indian-administered Kashmir locals say security forces have detained thousands of young men, seized the homes of civilians, applied beatings and electric shocks, and vowed to bring their female relatives away and marry them. Thousands of demonstrators, many of them blinded in one or both eyes or injured in pellet-gun attacks during the last year.

    (It seemed so ridiculous to me that all that Mr. Khan was saying was what Pakistan was doing in Gilgit-Baluchistan and what China was doing with Islam members in China. But Imran Khan does not have enough courage, to tell the truth.)

            As Mr. Khan's video address began, as a sign of India's protest against it, Mr. Vinito had left the 75th UN General Assembly Room. Mr. Vinito makes a strong and clear message that the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory is an integral and inalienable part of India. In India's response address, Mr. Vinito said, the rules and laws adopted in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir are purely internal affairs of India. The only conflict left in Kashmir concerns the portion of Kashmir which is now illegally controlled by Pakistan & should vacate all those areas of illegal annexation. 
            Mr. Vinito also said that this is the nation which, through the violation of its Shariah laws and through enforced religious conversions, has systematically cleaned up its minorities, including Hindus, Christians, Sikhs & others. Through Imran Khan's address, spoke about Islamophobia around the globe, but also made a clear reference to India's state-supported Islamophobia. This is also a nation that has supported the killing of fellow Muslims simply because they related to another sector or region in Pakistan and funded a militant group in Pakistan." 
            The Indian envoy also described the "unrelenting political and financial assistance" of the Pakistan Deep State to militant organisations. He also referred to Mr. Khan, who earlier this year referred to Osama bin Laden as a martyr. The only way for Pakistan to become a normal country is to ignore its religious, financial & material support for terrorism, to turn its attention to the problems facing its own people, including its minorities, and to stop misusing the United nations' platforms to advance its sinister agenda.

Narendra Modi (PM of India) :
N. Y. around 9 am (6:30 PM IST) :
                  The reality is that India is one of the founding members of the United Nations makes India proud.  PM Modi has come to this global forum to express the feelings of India's 130 crore people on this historic occasion.
             India will also perform its obligation as a non-permanent member of the Security Council from January next year. In favour of stability, security & development, India will always talk. PM Modi asked that How long will India be left out of the system of UN decision making? Prime Minister Narendra Modi also raised questions about the United Nations' contribution to the Covid-19 pandemic and assured the global community that India will use its development and distribution capabilities to assist all humanity in combating the dangerous disease. We are going ahead with the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat in the changed circumstances of the post-pandemic period. For the world economy, a self-reliant India would also be a huge force.
                We have always worked for the interests of humanity, not motivated by our own self-interests, from India's Neighborhood First Policy to our East Policy Act, as well as the principle of security & development for all in the country, or our views on the Indo Pacific region.
            Because of the largest global vaccine producing country, India wants to provide the global community one more promise. The manufacturing and distribution potential of India's vaccine (which is under the experiment of the 3rd phase) will be used to assist all humanity in solving this epidemic. The drug industry of India has sent vital medicines to more than 150 countries even during these very tough times of the spreading epidemic.
                India is the nation that has lost the largest number of its brave warriors in the process of preserving peace. Nowadays, every Indian aspires to India's influential role in the United Nations when seeing India's dedication to the UN. India would not never hesitate to lift its voice against humanity's enemies, the human race & human values, including terrorism, illicit arms smuggling, narcotics & money-laundering.
          In India, large-scale efforts are being made to foster entrepreneurship & leadership among women. Today, Indian women are the biggest beneficiaries of the largest micro-financing system in the world. India is one of those countries where women are given 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. The rights of transgender people are also protected in India through the required legal reforms.
            PM also briefly told which is not so easy work that the bank account open of about 40 crore people, expand of broadband connection throughout the country, increasing the digital transaction (which is now the largest of the world), directly sending purified drinking water to people's homes. 2nd October for International day of Non-violence and 21st June International day of Joga, India has determined. 
            He also passed the message that the world had already eye-witnessed many terrorisms action and rivers of the blood of the common people. Is Un's effort enough to stop it from the very beginning? 

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