4G Network on Moon

by - October 20, 2020

            What is the impossible work of man? Mobile usage - even on the moon. Direct 4G. Yes, NASA wants to launch 4G connectivity to the moon by 2022, even though there is no network everywhere on Earth. The US space agency has hired a mobile maker Nokia for this job.

            NASA's goal is to ensure the presence of humans on the moon by 2024. For this ‘Artemis Program’ has started. The goal of this project is to send the first female and then male astronauts to the moon. After that, to make the soil of the moon habitable for human beings. And for that purpose, a good internet system is planned on the moon this time.

            This will be the first wireless broadband communication system in space, according to the Finnish company, Nokia. That work will be completed by 2022 before people arrive. First 4G and then 5G cellular network systems will be introduced. A Texas company has been tasked with delivering equipment to the moon. Nokia claims that it will ensure that astronauts can go to the moon for voice and video communication. As a result, the Lunar Rover sent from Earth can be controlled remotely. This network will also help in any lunar mission in the coming days.

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