China America Tensions

by - October 18, 2020


             If the Trump administration continues to harass or detain Chinese professors and scientists in the United States, then Beijing will not give up. China will be treated similarly to US citizens. Washington has been warned several times by Beijing.

                The US daily "The Wall Street Journal" reported this on Saturday. The report says that unless the harassment of Chinese professors and scientists in the United States is stopped, US citizens in China will face similar harassment for breaking Chinese law.

           The US State Department issued a warning on September 14 against US citizens traveling to China. It is reported that US citizens are being detained in China. They are also being harassed so that they cannot leave China.

            The Trump administration has previously accused the Chinese military of trying to smuggle intelligence through a section of Chinese professors in the United States. The U.S. administration and businesses continue to be threatened by organized cybercrime. To intensify this work, the Chinese military has conspired to recruit more Chinese professors and scientists to the United States. So the Trump administration has also imposed some restrictions on the entry of new Chinese professors and scientists into the United States.

        Also, Chinese President Xi Jinping has instructed the country's military to be ready for battle amid the border clashes in Ladakh. He made the remarks while visiting a military base in Guangdong province.

            According to China's state-run Xinhua news agency, Xi Jinping visited the Chinese People's Liberation Army's naval base in Chaozhou, Guangdong province. He instructed the members of the corps to be "extremely vigilant". His message to the troops was, "Keep your minds ready for battle.

            "Xi Jinping's message to the force was immediately responded to in the international arena. In fact, it is clear that he is turning around tension and warning. But which country is targeted by China? The US warships have recently been spotted on the Taiwan Strait (the route between China and Taiwan). However, the US is saying that this is a 'routine' tour. But Beijing sees a different motive behind Washington's move. And with that, a large part of the international community feels that the diplomatic temperature between the two countries is rising again. They believe that's why Marine Corps members are "ready" to fight - message from Xi Jinping.

US Navy South China Sea

        Beijing has already strongly condemned the US decision to send warships. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, "The United States should cancel the military operation in Taiwan." They also demanded the cancellation of the military agreement between the United States and Taiwan. However, Washington countered that "US Air Force ships will operate and fly in accordance with international law."

           Beijing has previously objected to US warships traveling through Taiwan. This time, China also warned the United States about Tibet. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told Washington that they see the Trump administration's intervention in Tibet as a blow to their country's domestic policy.

        The US directly blamed China for the epidemic situation. Tensions between the two countries eased, albeit a little. But the United States has again fueled the allegations of oppression of minorities. They claim that China's treatment of the country's Muslim minority amounts to genocide.

           US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien attended a virtual event of an international voluntary organization on Friday. He also accused China of persecuting minorities. "Even if there is no genocide, what is going on in Xinjiang is the same as genocide," Robert said.

Robert O'Brien

        Last June, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo complained that Muslims were being forced to undergo sterilization, abortion & family contraction at the behest of the Government. There are even allegations that China is sending abroad hair products after shaving the Muslim Women's hair out of their heads. In June, US Customs and Border Protection seized a large number of goods from Xinjiang province. They make sure they are made of human hair.

        Multiple groups have already spoken out against China, accusing it of persecuting Uyghurs and other Muslims in Xinjiang. They allege that China has detained more than one million Muslims there. Every now and then there are incidents like human rights violations and genocide.

        In September, an Australian government-approved think tank released a report on Xinjiang. It says the Chinese government has recently destroyed about 16,000 mosques in Xinjiang province.

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