Covid-19 Vaccine may be Announced very recently, India

by - October 04, 2020

        The trial of the COVID vaccine is in its final stages. The Central Ministry of India also directed the States to make preparations. The guidelines ask each state to make a plan by October 15.

            In preparation, the Central Ministry of India has laid special emphasis on the method and preservation of tick delivery. That is, cold chain and dry storage should be arranged where and how to keep the vaccine. The method of supply must also be finalized. The Health Ministry of India has asked the states to take up the matter within two weeks. As soon as the vaccine arrives so that the supply and storage system becomes smooth. Speculation has been created from this guideline of the Central, then will the vaccine come soon after the final trial of the third phase? Is the Central Ministry of India getting such a message of hope?

            Although the matter is not clear, the Ministry of Health has decided to finalize the plan on the three issues of preservation, supply & distribution of vaccines after getting the preparation from the states. In a letter to the states, the Central said the most important thing is to keep the storage system in place. And to do that, it is necessary to reform the cold chain. Plan-B should be prepared if any cold storage system breaks down. At an early stage, States will tell who needs how many vaccines. Similarly, the Central has to be informed about the condition of the storage system in the concerned state.

            Hopefully, the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked these first manufacturers to submit applications for approval of vaccines that are in the testing phase. It is learned that the Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech & Dr. Reddy Lab will be able to apply at this moment. The serum is made by Oxford and AstraZeneca's Covishield. The third phase of the trial is underway. Co-vaccine of India Biotech is in the second phase trial. This time they have applied for the third point. Russia's Sputnik vaccine has been applied for a third round of testing by Dr. Reddy's Lab. All three companies are now applying for Hu's pre-qualification certificate. Cadillac Healthcare is also conducting a human trial of its vaccine in the second phase. After all the tests are completed, they have to go through the pre-qualification approval period of WHO before being used on the general public. It verifies two main issues: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Clinical Practice Standard (GCP). The vaccine is ready once pass this stage.

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