Donald Trump and Melania COVID attacked

by - October 03, 2020


                A month later, a general election in the United States. He moved Trump into the camp before that. This time, US President Donald Trump (age 74 yrs.) himself targeted Corona. COVID got trapped by Melania Trump, too. On Friday, Trump himself tweeted this.

                Trump tweeted, "Floatus (First Lady of the United States) and I was positive." They are both planning to go into seclusion. Hopefully, I can easily get out of this situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted after receiving the news of Donald Trump and Melania COVID being targeted, wishing them a speedy recovery.

        "I wish a speedy recovery for my friend Donald Trump," PM Modi posted. Get well, Melania Trump, fast.

            The news of the capture of Hope Hicks, a Trump associate, came to light on Thursday. Trump's campaign collaborator was Hicks. Shortly after returning from Minnesota, Hicks was diagnosed with mild symptoms of COVID. He was checked after that. The study is back in positive shape. Covid-19 was screened by Wife Trump after news emerged that Hicks was contaminated with Covid-19. Trump said in an interview with Fox News on Thursday, "My close colleague Hope Hicks has been caught cheating. Melania COVID and I were checked as soon as I learned this news. Awaiting study. But for now, they are both going into seclusion." It is understood that both of them are COVID positive after the report came out on Friday.

            There are presidential elections soon. Unhappiness with the position of Trump is rising at the pace at which corona infections and deaths are increasing in America. Additionally, in the Corona case, Trump has been highly criticized for not wearing a mask. George Floyd's death also put the arms of apartheid in the hands of the opposition. He goes from side to side before the vote in such a situation, to show his image as clear. Just a couple of days in hand. There is growing anxiety in the Trump camp at such a time that US President COVID himself will be assaulted.

                For now, Trump has had to cancel all programs as COVID is positive. Experts want to say that, for Republicans, that's a big drive. There was a major drop in the international stock market as soon as news of the US President's corona infection came to light. In different markets, including New York, Tokyo, Sydney & London, the index dropped sharply. Also, crude oil prices have dropped. Gold and silver prices are rising rapidly as the stock market declines. On the day, gold prices rose approximately 0.4 percent.

Sunday, 04.10.20

            Today, Trump is a lot better than before. He was admitted to Corona Hospital. Today, Sunday morning, from the hospital, the US President tweeted, "Now I'm a lot better." We're working really hard to get back to the previous state. I have to go there, because once again I have to build the best America.

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