Durga Puja, 2020

by - October 23, 2020


                Kashful (Kash-flower) is falling all around, the smell of hyacinth flowers is spreading all over the village of Bengal. That Pujo pandal, that light out, that Ekachala (Durga idol in one-structure) to the form of various mother Durga. Yet somewhere the rhythm seems to have been cut. This time Bangla witnessed another puja (worship).

            As per the general rules, Devipaksha starts from Autumn's Sharad's morning in Mahalaya. Mother's awakening is in the sixth after seven days. This time the rhythm has been cut at the beginning. On the morning of the sixth, the face of the sky is heavy. This time after waiting for 35 days, Mother Durga came. But this is just a fence of rules. 

                This time, Corona seems to have put on the shackles with the desire to live in the joy of the festival. The whole world is infected with one corona-virus. Bengali is no exception. COVID-19 showing bloodshed with the infection of more than four thousand new people daily. From experts to central and state administrations — everyone agrees that the festival cannot be bigger than life. Therefore, the rush must be pulled with joy without restraint. 

                The court said it was not possible to gather in the Puja Pandal to prevent further spread of the infection. The Pandal will be without visitors. Be careful. Must be restrained. Masks and sanitizers must be included in the list of cosmetics. In this way, if everyone obeys the rules, one can save oneself and others from the deadly disease. Life is not in vain if you pull a little rush in the joy of just one puja in your whole life. Isn't it better to be a little careful than to get infected by going to much gather place? 

               There is no place for some hospitals now, there is no place for Rob. Apart from Corona, other patients are facing treatment problems. Some important operations are sometimes stopped due to Corona. Many physicians are tired of the month-long medical service. Even then we do not think what to do? Will I increase the danger by floating in the current of the flood of the crowd, or will I pray while sitting at home? 

                Prime Minister Narendra Modi has warned the countrymen during the festive season that it is not the time to be reckless. Although he tweeted his Autumn's (Durgapujo's) greetings to the people of Bengal. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee greeted. Although the court has banned visitors from entering the pandal in groups to protect the emotions of the local people-centered on Pujo, there is an opportunity to pay homage from time to time from afar. The court has given permission to increase the manpower for conducting puja. In the previous guideline, it has been said with a partial discount, the names of 60 people can be included in the list in the big puja pandal. However, more than 45 people are not allowed to enter at once. Is the worship again without the music of the drums? There are arrangements for them too. The drummers will be in the 'no entry zone'. However, masks and other protocols must be obeyed. 

                Everyone has to be very careful to avoid danger. Conscious citizens must understand that. So, like the last few years, this time on the night of Chaturthi or Panchami, such a crowd was not seen in many puja mandapas. There were exceptions. Local trains stopped running, as well as court bans. So maybe that's it. The highways have not been flooded with the crowd yet. However, it is not that there was no attempt to peek outside the barricade to visit the pandal. Crowds have also gathered along the barricades in front of some famous pandals. There is no shortage of opportunities to visit idols. However, in order to stop the outsiders, many famous-houses are closing the doors or taking alternative measures. Corona infection on the one hand, on the other hand, the heavy rain forecast for the weather office, but the fear remains. This time Pujo is a little different.

            So enjoy with abiding by the safety rules, but not the celebration. Not to be overwhelmed by the joy of the festival. Be careful to step on the road. 

Kindly Visit Ma-Durga from afar

                COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in life. It has changed the profession of many people. The day of the handshake is also over. Instead, greet with folded hands. Wherever there is a problem of life and death, whether intentionally or unintentionally, everyone has to abide by the restrictions of warning. The Calcutta High Court set an unprecedented precedent by drawing the line for making every puja pandals in the state a 'no entry' zone. The High Court said barricades should be set up at a distance of 5 meters in case of small pujas and 10 meters in case of large pandals.

                It is also known that keeping innumerable people in the net of rules is not an easy task. Do you have the infrastructure needed for this? Therefore, there is a danger if the citizens do not return to their senses despite the warnings of the state administration, doctors & the court verdict. That is why the last hope to stop the spread of infection is civic awareness.

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