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by - October 06, 2020


White House

            There will be a vote & count. Whoever has the most votes, is the winner -  President of USA. This is usually supposed to happen. But that is not the case in America. But the US election count is quite different from India.

Target - White House

        November 3rd, 2020 will be the US vote. The general public will vote for the preferred candidate in this election. ‘Popular vote’. But winning the election has nothing to do with getting the vote of the voters' choice. Professor Mark Roselle said in a webinar on a virtual reporting tour organized by the Foreign Press Center that the US president is not directly elected by the electorate. He was elected by the ‘Electoral College’ vote. ‘Electoral College’ — a group of electors who vote according to the verdict reflected in the popular vote of a province. Electoral votes vary from state to state in the United States. Another rule of this episode is that the candidate who gets the most popular votes will get all the electoral votes in that state. In terms of U.S. politics, ‘winners take all’. Joe Biden (49.8 percent) is ahead of Trump (41.5 percent) in the October 3rd National Poll Survey. However, Mark Roselle also reminded us that the number of popularity is not always the same. Hillary Clinton's popularity graph was up in the last election. But in the end, She was defeated by Mr. Donald Trump.

            According to Mark Roselle, the total number of votes in the Electoral College is 538. The candidate who gets 270 votes is the President. Candidates do not have special concerns about the Republican ‘Red State’ or the Democrat ‘Blue State’. Swing states are at the heart of the electoral strategy. It is unknown till the last time what will do after leaving the post. That last-minute vote could go to any camp.

            A recent survey suggests that Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota, Arizona, Ohio & Wisconsin could become important swing states in the 2020 election. Because in these provinces, in the 2016 election, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College vote. Mark Roselle said that in this year's election poll, however, Biden has surpassed Trump in several swing states. For example, Virginia. At the moment, the Democrats are gaining ground here. On the other hand, Ohio's picture is also changing. One of the most important is the swing state, which is gradually leaning towards the Republican camp. Donald Trump is also some relieved in his Corona infection time.

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