Food and Religion

by - October 28, 2020

            Although the influence of food did not have much effect on Christianity or Muslim religion, it was directly or indirectly associated with Hinduism. Somewhat mentally, physically beneficial, and somewhat mind-building. Religion can never be relied upon in the kitchen. But it is undeniable, however, that food has an effect on the path to spirituality. Because if the mind is not calm & quiet, nothing is realized.

              Hinduism is a philosophy. It is not bound by the narrow confines of any religion. Many doctrines have been revered in Hindu philosophy. Vaishnavas are worshipers of Lord Krishna. Shakta is a worshiper of Goddess Maa Kali/Durga. Shaiba is a devotee of Lord Shiva. Etc. Plenty.

            Vaishnava saints are normally vegetarians, they do not even touch fish, meat, eggs, garlic, onions. They consider all these foods unholy. However, there is another type of Vaishnava branch (Kalachand or Sahajia Path), in which they eat fish. There is a reason behind this. 

        It is heard that Kalachand Thakur was an absolute Vaishnava. For some reason, he fell severely ill once and became very weak. He started eating fish on the advice of doctors, although he did not want to. He did that at the request of his followers and devotees. Due to eating that fish, meat or egg, the Sattwik Vaisnavas still see the Sahajiya Vaishnavas with inferior eyes. There is no real scriptural explanation for this.       

Pious (Aghori) Saint
        On the other hand, the pious saints live in the crematorium, they eat the flesh of the dead in the skulls of the dead people, they sit in worship after drinking wine. There is no such thing as unholy, bad food in this world for the Aghoris.

        First of all, Sattwa, Raja, Tama, these three qualities should be clearly understood.

1. Honest thoughts, honest deeds, honest company, sweet language, devotion to God, regular worship, reading of scriptures, temple visit - increase the Swattik feeling of the mind.

2. On the other hand, the thought of greed, lust, the fulfillment of interests - increases the majestic (Raja qualities) feelings.

3. Bad company, theft, robbery, thinking of harming others, drinking wine - increases the feeling of Tamasik feeling in the mind.

The 14th chapter of the Srimad-Bhagavat Gita also mentions the Sattwa, Raja & Tama Guna.

Sattwik Food

  • Sattwik - It is basically a vegetarian food because it does not mention any kind of fish meat. The fruits, milk, vegetables are noteworthy. The application of spices or oils is very rare. 
  • Sattwik (Sattwa Gun) Food - Cow's milk, ghee, butter, fruits, dried fruits such as walnuts, and all foods that digest easily. This type of food makes the mind calm and quiet (Swattik feelings). Food bought with honestly earned money makes the mind Swattik.
  • Rajasik - It mentions fish, meat, fruits & roots but the amount of oil and spices are less. Rajasik (Raja Gun) food - extra spicy, very salty, very bitter, extra hot, extra cold food, onion, garlic makes the mind majestic.
  • Tamasik - These foods include high levels of oily foods, dry meats, alcohol, drugs, etc. Tamasik (Tama Gun) Food- Unholy, stale, sticky food, very dry, rotten food makes the mind feel Tamasik. Dishonestly (by theft/bribery/fraud) food bought with earned money makes the mind Tamasik.
        Different people, different opinions. No need to go into a debate. Anyone can prove himself/herself. If the food cooked by the thief is eaten for 8-10 days, the thief's quality will enter to him/her. 

        Even if all the scriptures are read, nothing will happen. It is not clear how many old, written thousands of years ago, how many editions have been added. Some of the original text has been suppressed, many new ones have been added. In general, the Bhagavad Gita, whose verses have not changed, but various devotees have described in various ways.

In My Eyes 


                Though I said it in my eyes, but I came to know everything from some devotees who are no longer in this world now. It is not that they had too much qualified. But I saw them their feelings of devotion. They used to speak in a generous manner. 

            Just like a lamp does not burn without oil, the oil of human life is his semen. As long as it is full, we have the strength to win any battle, the moment it discharges from the body, darkness descends before our eyes at that moment, and every day dripping, the body gradually dies, various diseases take up residence and also decrease the immunity power.  

            The effect of food on religion, as long as, there is no harm in that semen. Because injury to semen means injury to the body, injury to the mind, obstruction in the path of spirituality

            Foods like onions, garlic, eggs, fish, meat etc. heat the body and bring excitement. From which desire originates. Although onion keeps the body cool but thins the semen. That is why it is said to stay away from such foods. There is no religious matter in it. There is no mention of what can be eaten in any religious text.

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