Lacking of Youth and Parents About Spiritual Awakening

by - October 20, 2020

Spiritual and Spirituality

                    Spirituality does not mean any special practice. It is a way of life. Once there, there is much to do. It's like our home garden. If the soil, sunlight or trees are like left normally without care, the flowers will not bloom, we have to keep them in a certain way. Take care. In the same way, if we take special care of your body, mind, emotions, energy then something different will blossom in us - that is spirituality. As long as our judgment is immature, it looks at everything with suspicion. But when it turns out, it starts to feel everything in a different dimension.

                Whenever a person feels something bigger than his own experience, that is what we have traditionally called God. The whole idea of God is - something bigger than us. It can be a human being, it can be a feeling, it can be any aspect of nature.

                If we want to know the source or process of life, will we accept that our own body is the closest example of creation? The Creator is imprisoned in this body. Don't let it escape our notice. If we find the source of creation in ourselves, it means we are spiritual.

                An atheist cannot be spiritual. Even theists cannot be spiritual. This is because there is no difference between the two. One believes there is a God, another believes there is no God. But the real truth is not known to us. A spiritual man is one who understands that he does not know what is true, and so he is searching.

Reasons Behind Lacking of Youths and Parents About Spiritual Awakening 

            Although it is entirely my personal opinion. There are two aspects to the indifference of youth and parents to this spiritual awakening. The first is the current social situation and the second is the future statement of religious texts.

1. The Current Social Situation

                Today's young people around the world are most worried about their future. How to make a living, what to save for their future, about their employment ... everything. Unemployed youth in particular are often misled. Theft, robbery, gambling, rape, the number of extremists is increasing day by day around the world. The minds of such young people are extremely restless - how can they be expected to have religion or spirituality? The minds of the parents are also extremely anxious for such children - their restless minds are the same. The aftermath of the COVID-19 attack is going to be more horrible.

               On the other hand, in the present mechanical (computerized) age, the youth associated with employment are losing their existence under the pressure of work. Can't understand when it's morning and when it's night. Sometimes days, even dates go wrong. A strange struggle for survival. Separately, they will never not sufficient time to know themselves.                

Party Night
        Again, extra money leads people astray. They have no knowledge of good or evil. Such people never try to see anything beyond their money and colorful world. What will such parents, who do not know themselves, teach their children?

              But the number of goods is always small. There are, of course, a number of people who are pleased with a little, who have a calm mind, faith in religion & spirituality, and who want to know. But if want to change on a large scale, must work on social/society change. Nothing better can be expected in this volatile society.

way to happiness 

2. Future Statement of Religious Texts

                According to the traditional Hindu religion, there are four ages, Satya, Treta, Dwapar & Kali. Kali era is going on at present. This age is recorded in the scriptures of Srimat Bhagawat long ago. It clearly states that there will be no special remnants of religion, the oppression of the saints will increase, the people will gradually become shorter, the injustice and oppression will increase day by day; the protector will be the eater; the honor of the wise will decrease; the foolish man will be king; for gold and money, everyone will be sold etc. - In a word, Kali's actions are hypocritical.


(according to the traditional Hindu religion)

1. Find Spiritual Guru

2. Chanting of Krishna Naam (Hare Krishna Hare Krishna .......)

3. Build Relation with God

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