NASA - Moon saved Earth from Sun's radiation

by - October 16, 2020

             There was a time when the moon saved us from the attack of the sun. Although small in size, the moon also had its own magnetic field. The moon shared its magnetic field with the earth. And in that way, it's magnetic field would save the earth from the terrible solar radiation, the gust of solar wind.

           A recent study led by NASA gave this news. The study was published in the International Science Journal - "Science Advances" on October 14.

            At that time the moon was very close to us. At the distance it is now (2,38,000 miles), the moon was one-third of its distance away. The distance from the earth was only 80,000 miles.

            Researchers say it was a story 4.5 billion years ago. Life was not yet born on earth. Surya also had almost childhood then. Solar radiation and the gusts of the solar wind are much more terrible then. At that time the body of the earth was burning so much due to solar radiation that it was not possible for any life to be born in that environment. The development of life is far away.

What was the benefit?

            "Life was not born on Earth then," said Jim Green, NASA's chief scientist & lead researcher. So as a result, the soul did not get a chance to benefit directly. But benefited indirectly. Later. Because the moon did that, the earth's atmosphere was not overwhelmed by the heat of the sun and the terrible solar radiation. The moon shared its own magnetic field with the earth's magnetic field, saving the earth's atmosphere from all the attacks of the sun. Otherwise, the phase of Mars, Venus, the phase of Mercury from birth, the phase of the earth would have been the same. Without the atmosphere, life on earth will not be possible.

Ancient moon mega magnetic field

                "According to the NASA study, this condition did not stay long. The moon played a role as the savior of the earth's atmosphere from 4.5 billion years ago to 3.5 billion years ago. At that time the earth also saved the atmosphere of the moon.

                After a while, the world could not. One and a half billion years ago, almost all of the Moon's meteoric atmosphere disappeared due to Solar radiation. Its magnetic field also disappeared. As a result, the moon could no longer play the role of savior of the earth's atmosphere.

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