Russia, China and India air polluted country - Donald Trump

by - October 24, 2020


        US President Donald Trump has questioned the success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Transparent India campaign. He also slammed India's commitment to preventing global warming on Thursday. "India's air is dirty," said White House resident.

        The occasion was a face-to-face debate with Democrat candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. There, Trump criticized China, Russia & India for pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. "Look at the situation in China, he said. What a dirty country. Look at Russia or India. What a dirty, polluted air". 

        Trump has also accused the Modi government of violating international free trade by imposing additional import duties. Incidentally, in his first presidential debate with Biden earlier this month, Trump also raised questions about the actual number of deaths in Corona in India. "When you talk about numbers, I don't know how many people have died in China," Trump said in response to a question about the number of deaths in the United States. You never know how many people have died in India. None of them give accurate information".

         "Believing in the competitive atmosphere in the United States, Trump claimed, "I will not give up millions of jobs and thousands of companies to defend the Paris Agreement." But attempts are being made to put pressure on America in the name of protecting the environment.

        Opposition groups called for a cease-fire in protest of Trump's remarks. Congress leader Kapil Sibal tweeted, ‘Trump : the fruit of friendship. 1. Question about the number of deaths in COVID-19 in India. 2. "India is polluting the air," he said. India's air is dirty. 3. India is the king to impose tariffs. - all are the Consequences of 'Howdy Modi’.

        Coincidentally, Trump borrowed Modi's slogan during his presidential campaign two months ago. The video campaign, which began with Trump's "Four More Years" campaign for re-election as president, featured selected clippings of the two Trump-Modi joint rallies. The first is the ‘Howdy Modi’ meeting in Houston, Texas last September. There, in front of about 50,000 Indians of Indian descent and expatriate Indians, Modi gave the slogan 'Next time again Trump Government' to the top of the diplomatic fence. The second is 'Namaste Trump' in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

            Trump and First Lady Melania paid a two-day visit to India in February to inaugurate the rebuilt Motera Cricket Stadium (Sardar Patel Stadium). At a gathering of millions of people there, Modi claimed that he and Trump would take the New Delhi-Washington relationship to new heights.

        But why did the Republican leader suddenly change his position? Some politicians believe that it is already clear that the Democrats are going to get the bulk of the 2 million non-resident Indian votes this time around. Biden has chosen Kamala Harris of Indian descent as his 'running mate' to compete with Trump. As a result, Trump's reshuffle is aimed at a radical white vote.

Joe Biden's Response

                Joe Biden has been vocal in his criticism of Donald Trump's harsh remarks on India. Last Thursday, US President Trump called India and India's air "dirty" in arguing for a withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. 

                In response, Biden tweeted on Saturday: "President calls India dirty. No one talks about friends in this way. Also, in this way, global problems like climate change cannot be solved. Kamala Harris and I deeply value our relationship with India. We will bring respect to the center of American foreign policy. ”

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