Tonglu, Darjeeling

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            Located on the erudition of the Singalila Range at a height of 10,100 feet above sea level, Tonglu is a popular place for trekkers on the route to Sandakphu. It is a 12 km trek from Manebhanjan, Darjeeling's last police station. The trek route climbs steeply towards Sandakphu after Tonglu and winds through the pine and rhododendron jungle. Nestled on a peak near the Indo-Nepal border, Tonglu enjoys a magnificent view of the Nepalese valleys and the plains of northern Bengal, with Tista to the east and Kosi to the west having a network of streams and smaller rivers between them. Over the undulating slopes of green hills, a spectacular view of Kanchanjangha Mass is visible from Tonglu. With regard to the view of the snow ranges, Tonglu is a miniature shape of Sandakphu. It is an unforgettable experience to watch the sunrise over the snow peaks from the trekkers' hut in Tonglu.

                   A spectacular view of snow-covered peaks, including the magnificent range of Kangchenjunga (8,586 m/28,160 ft), a scenic hut & isolation for trekkers, Tonglu is the ideal retreat to explore the vast natural canvas for a few relaxing days. You won't be upset if you can't make Sandakphu for your busy schedule by coming to Tonglu. Tonglu is one of West Bengal's most unknown tourist destinations, in my view.

Distance from Tonglu to Tumling : Trek of 2.5 km (40-50 min.


                Tumling is a small village in Nepal's Ilam district of Jogmai VDC. A tourist attraction in the Eastern Himalayas, its population consists mainly of Gurung families at an altitude of 2975 m. It is approximately a 35-minute walk to Meghma and near to Darjeeling. The only vehicle heading to Tumling is the old Manebhanjan Landrover. Lodging in this hamlet consists primarily of the Mountain Lodge, which from its room has views of the Kanchanjunga. The town of Manebhanjan is approximately 11 km uphill and is a popular stop for trekkers going up to Sandakphu. From Manebhanjan, where the trek or Jeep safari begins, Tumling is approximately 11 km away. It is probable that there are only 10 to 15 Nepalese families residing here. There are also a few residential lodges and huts for tourists and trekkers going to Sandakphu that have come up here to serve. Although there are no restrictions for Indians or foreigners with Indian visas, Tumling is a part of Nepal.

Tumling's nearby attractions : 

                Visitors can enjoy a trek from Tumling to the Singalila National Park, the road that crosses the Indo-Nepal border. The place is famous for being home to different types of animals such as Red Pandas and birds, in addition to a wide range of flora.

            Visitors can opt to go to Meghma for a trek. By crossing Chitre, the Buddhist settlement, Meghma can be accessed. The path bifurcates at Meghma and the left-side path passes through Nepal, and in India, the right-side trail leads to Tumling or Tonglu. Tonglu is located at an altitude of 3070 m and has a few huts for trekkers. The trails meet again at Tumling, in Nepal.

              By opting for sightseeing and exploring the city, everyone can appreciate the enchanting beauty of the town. You can see the stunning sunrise that makes Kanchanjanga's golden peak or can walk to Sandakphu.

How to reach Tumling: 

            Reach New Jalpaiguri first. You have to take a hired car from New Jalpaiguri to Manebhanjan. Visitors can reach Tumling from Manebhanjan via the old Land Rover, the only means of transport available.

Best time to visit : 

          During the summer season, the best time to visit Tumling is when visitors can enjoy the magnificent sights of the place in comfortable weather and snowfall in winter.

Where to Stay :

            Tumling lodging and dining facilities: A number of private homestays and guest houses are located in Tumling (such as Shikhar Lodge, Siddhartha Lodge, Meghmala Homestay, Chintapu Homestay, etc.) which also provide dining facilities. Rate: per head, 800-1000/-

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