Death is Truth and Life is Lie - Is It Right ?

by - November 16, 2020


            Whoever is born on this earth, his/her death is inevitable. No one can deny this law of nature. Many have tried to conquer death from ancient times, but none have succeeded & science also. The Bhagavad Gita says, 'Death is the only truth in this world.' According to the Hindu Religion Veda, only death can free us from the life cycle. Death will come at its appointed time. Not a moment before, not a moment later.

            As soon as the soul leaves the body, the corpse gradually merges into the Panchabhut (Five elements of nature). These five elements are - Kshiti (soil), Opp (Water), Tej (Light), Maruth (air or breeze), Bom (Sky). 

             Now the question is how these five elements stay in the body and how merges in nature at last after death?  Stools, bones, flesh - these are deformed forms of soil; blood, Urine - a deformed form of water; Semen - a distorted form of energy (lightning power); Breathing - the form of the air & the head - the form of the sky - detailed can be obtained/gained one from the real spiritual master.

Life and World are False, a lie, delusion & Death is True - is it Right at All ?              

        Ever since I have been listening to discussions from religious occasions or from saints, monks, reading religious texts, I have found that the world is a lie, delusion & death is true. I have fought a lot with my conscience, how true this statement is. I have also found from religious texts that there is a rare human birth with 84 lakh vaginal turns (human theory). How can life be false/lie in which one can serve, perform & worship the Almighty God? Creatures, human habitation, how beautiful God has created this world - is it just an illusion? God, Himself came to this world as a human being to taste His Leela - is that life a lie? Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Guru Nanak, they too have come to this world, preached the religion, that human life is false, delusion? Is that world a lie? Vrindavan, the Home-land of Lord Krishna, is present in this world - how can that world be false? Are all the valuable knowledge and experiences that Saints, Monks, Prophets, Fathers, or Religious Masters of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh religions have imparted over the ages a lie? When life is a lie, everything becomes a lie. So to me, life is as true as death, the world is also true. According to me, Life is colourful, the World is amazing & Death is painful. 

            Thakur Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said, if I get salvation, I will disappear with God forever and there will be no more existence. So in human form, I want to come in this world again & again, I want to serve God, I want to worship, want to play with Him. 

What Kind of Death is Desirable ?

            "I do not want to die in this beautiful world" .............. said world-renowned Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore. 

                                Although death is not desirable to anyone - but it is a fact that everyone must be accepted. The question is how everyone wants to die? That is euthanasia. According to the Mahabharata, Grandfather Vismadeva received the groom of euthanasia. In the battle of Kurukshetra, the arrow was first shot and eighteen days later, at the end of the battle, after seeing Lord Krishna, He died. And in this Kali Yuga Haridas Thakur. In Puridham, Odisha, He laid His head on Mahaprabhu's lap and died while visiting Mahaprabhu's face. But such deaths are very very rare - ordinary people will never get it. So all that is possible for ordinary people like us is trying to smile at the time to die, to remember the Name of God. That too is not so easy. Because money, prestige, relationships all pull back. Nowadays, even those relationships seem to have faded.

                    I used to hear in my childhood that everyone was present at home at the time of one's death (even witnessed at my grandmother's death). The person who saw everyone at the time of his/her death may die in peace. Today, in almost all cases, that does not happen at all. He/she may have to be hospitalized for treatment. Despite the doctor's instructions or hints, he was not brought home before he died. He doesn't even get to see anyone he knows at his/her last stage. Feeling lonely, like orphans, he/she may have to leave this world in a hospital bed or in a ventilation room. Yes, Death is painful.

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