Deori-Sainj Valley, Himachal Pradesh

by - November 10, 2020


Deori and Sainj Valley 

            Deori or Deohari village is situated in the Shimla district of Theog Tehsil, Himachal Pradesh, India. It's 37 km away from Theog. Theog is the headquarters of the subdistrict of the village of Deori. The nearest airport in India is Shimla Airport, approx. 30 miles (or 48 km) from the west. In addition to airports, there are other travel options open. There are only a few homestays available to stay in this tiny village.

            Also imagine the serene surroundings, the rich green hills, the charming cottages & the scenery with the melodious birds chirping! That's just what the Sainj Valley conjures up for you. The Sainj Valley in Himachal is a hidden wonder to escape in the Kullu Valley just 43 km away. This less sought after serene hide-away in the lap of the Himalayas is a valley that is practically a divine abode in the middle of nature.

            Located in the lower reaches of the Great Himalayan National Park, the Sainj Valley offers a calm, spectacular & mind-blowing experience of a lifetime. Like all travelers who come here always say, this is one spot you must visit at least once in your life.


            Forests of Shangarh is a place of historical importance, where the Pandavas are supposed to have spent their thirteen years in exile, and Lord Krishna is supposed to have met them. The meadow of Shangarh is certainly worth your time and your trek. Besides being enthralled by the lush green forest, if you're fortunate enough, can attend the local fairs held in this section. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Mahadev, also called Shanghul Mahadev Temple, which is an attractive location in the Kullu Valley.

Great Himalayan National Park

                There's one UNESCO World Heritage Site nearby. It is the Great Himalayan National Park Protected Area at a distance of 46 mi (or 75 km) north from Deori. This National Park in the western portion of the Himalayan Mountains in Himachal Pradesh is distinguished by high alpine peaks, dense forests & river forests. The 90,550 ha land contains the upper mountain glacial and ice meltwater springs of many rivers and water sources important to millions of downstream users. The GHNPCA preserves the monsoon-affected forests and alpine meadows of the Himalayan front. It is part of the Himalayan biosphere reserve and comprises 26 types of forest along with a diverse assemblage of wildlife species, some of which are at risk. This makes the site exceptional value for the conservation of biodiversity. It is also very famous for trekkers.

Pudrik Rishi Lake

         Pudrik Rishi Lake is a spot of religious significance for locals and of course one of the popular-targeted tourist spot. However, people are not allowed to touch the water of the pool. And here neither boat rides nor any leisure activities are permitted. Locals tell us a lot of fascinating divine tales about the lake, worth the ears of a listener.

Best time to Visit :

            April and May are months without rains, but as a spot of beauty, in January and February, visitors can see some beautiful snow-capped hills with green meadows, a beautiful combination.

Connected Roads (By Bus/Rental Cars) :

Delhi (🚂  ✈) - Aut (H.P.) - 485 Km

Aut 🚍 - Sainj - 17/18 Km

Aut 🚍 - Shangarh - 34/35 Km

Shimla (🚂  ✈) - Sainj - 40/45 Km

Sainj 🚍 - Deori - 10/12 Km

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