Fagu, Shimla-Himachal Pradesh

by - November 06, 2020


                Fagu, situated at an altitude of 2500 meters, is a serene village clad in snow. Nestled in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the magnificent Himalayan Range, Fagu is an ideal place to get away from the city's hustle and bustle. As it is still enveloped in snow and fog, this spot looks magical. The clouds are so near the surface that it feels like walking on clouds at times. This quiet and peaceful place is abundant in the beautiful scenery and offers wonderful views of nature. The green trees, snow-clad hills & lush green fields make Fagu a relaxing and restful place to visit.

            Fagu is thought to have derived its name from the word 'fog.' This location is still surrounded by fog, being situated at such a great height, and was therefore called Fagu. A myriad of flora and fauna can be found in the scenic hamlet. Lush green pine and cedar trees surround the entire area. A variety of apple trees decorated with rich red apples are also found here. It's also popular to spot potato fields. You can also see wildlife that are residents of Fagu, such as snow leopards, yaks & ponies. The breathtaking valley of Fagu is a beautiful place that is untouched by industrialization, rendering it full of nature's beauties. This location is ideal for spending time in the middle of nature and enjoying a variety of exciting events. You will be charged with good energy after a ride to Fagu.

Sight Scene :

Apple and Potato plantations: Fagu is a region where a variety of apples and potatoes is grown. You can take a lazy walk through these gorgeous lush green fields containing juicy apples and potatoes. A visit to these fields would give you the chance to explore and learn about apple and potato cultivation, and it will certainly be fun and interesting.

Bhantia Devta Temple: In Fagu, a beautiful temple dedicated to Bhanita Devi is situated. As it has exquisite wooden carvings, this temple is an architectural wonder. Its dramatic surroundings are enhanced by the elegance of this temple. May this temple be sure to pay a visit to pray and receive blessings.

Best Time to Visit :

            The perfect time to visit Fagu is between October and February, during the winter season. During this time, the climate is freezing and the whole place looks tranquil in white snow. At this time, one will experience skiing as well. To beat the temperature, you can even visit Fagu during the summer season.


How to Reach :

            The road is about 360 km between Delhi and Fagu, which can be easily covered by renting a car. From Delhi, you can also take a bus to visit Shimla. Fagu is situated at a mere distance of 20 km from Shimla, which can be reached by a hailing taxi. By renting a car and covering a distance of 145 km, you can even visit Fagu from Chandigarh.

                The closest railway station to Fagu is in Shimla, which is 22 km away. Rental cars that will leave you off at your preferred destination are easily accessible from this railway station.

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