Kafer - Lolegaon, Kalimpong

by - November 29, 2020


                Kafer is a great address for free leisure & is the unique address of being lost in the heart of the mountains and forestsIt is a tiny village located 57 km from Kalimpong in Darjeeling district of West Bengal. It's just a stone's throw away from Lolegaon. Nestled at 5400 ft (approx) at an altitude, the community is mainly populated by the Lepchas. The main draw of the area is its quiet, blissful & pollution-free climate. Here, one can relax and listen to the chirping of birds while refreshing your eyes with the mesmerising stunning scenery of the area. Kafer also gives its tourists a scenic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and other snow-capped mountains. Altogether, the village acts as a great getaway for those who want to explore untouched nature at its finest.

                Handcuffs of unknown curves, flying clouds, Kanchenjunga on the horizon. Getting lost in the pine forest. The mountains call out with applause. Through NJP/Siliguri, Kanchankanya Express became run into the dense forest at once. While crossing the Teesta, a glimpse of Coronation Bridge appeared. Then a one-piece short jungle tour, which brought thrill. That is the tea-garden, the narrow stream, the deep path on foot, the greenery. Peacock sunshine was seen on the edge of the forest. The train stopped at the signal for a long time, a small station named Gulma on the canvas of the hill erased the annoyance. The railway line has gradually turned and entered the forest. The front and rear train carriages became part of that bend. New Mall station is the entrance to Dooars. This is the destination of most Dooars passengers. However, the train stops for a couple of minutes.

                The road to Lolegaon took Odlabari-Bagrakot in a hired car from the station. Crossed the bridge of Ghis river and start to climb up the hill. The sun is shining brightly. The Himalayan mountain seems to be really giggling. Leaving the four-lane road on the left, we took the jungle path, rugged, filled with rocks. Trees are being cut down to widen the road. The journey may become quite slippery due to the mixture of stones, mud & trees. Then reached Lolegaon & relief. Finally found a smooth road. It takes about five minutes to reach. However, after ten minutes, there was a sudden feast in front of my eyes. The dense jungle of pine, far, shal suddenly vanishes. A small village will appear. This is Kafer!

                In the Lepcha language, Lolegaon is called by this name. It is also a small village at a height of 5400 feet in the name of Kafer. The total number of houses is 32. There are about 150 people in total. I heard that though Kafer never witnesses snow, in winter the temperature here sometimes drops to a handful of freezes. The reddish, pink to white transformation of the sleeping Buddha peak is visible through the window of the cottage room. There is no need to go to any so-called 'spot'. Lawn in front of the house. All the trees in Bahari. Colorful umbrella table. With a few chairs. Arrangements to visit Kanchenjunga for breakfast. On the other side of the yard is the dining hall. Above this area is a place of prayer. There is also accommodation below.

                If you want, you can see Lava-Lolegaon-Rishop from here. Jhandidara can be seen to see the sunrise. Though you may need not to go there. The sunrise can be seen from the house. Excitement does not need to run! The problem is, most of the time, for the purpose of sightseeing, we just ignore where we are. I never do that, I'm out of such race.

How to Reach 

            The nearest Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP)/Siliguri and the closest Airport is Bagdogra. Kaffer is 125 km away from Siliguri. Rent cars are accessible from Siliguri & Bagdogra to get to Kafer. Rent cars are accessible from Siliguri to get to Kafer. You can also visit Kafer from Kalimpong (55 km) & Lava (24 km).

Siliguri/NJP  🔜  Kalimpong  🔜 Lolegaon 🔜 Kafer

            Another Route - It will take about three hours from New Mall station. After coming to Lolegaon through Bagrakot, a few km through the forest with scenic beauty. 

New Mall Station 🔜 Bagrakot 🔜 Lolegaon 🔜 Kafer (about 1.5 km from Lolegaon)

Car Fare

                New Mall Station to Kafer (approx. Rs.3500-4000)

                NJP to Kafer (approx. Rs.4000)

                Bagdogra Airport to Kafer (approx. Rs.4500-5000). It can also increase or decrease according to the season.

Where to Stay

        Kafer Homestay, Cost : approx. Rs.1500 per person, including meals and stay.

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